Sunday, October 7, 2018

A Fly-By Post

A quick post in between trips.  I was in New Orleans last week at WEFTEC (Water Environment Federation's Technical Exhibition and Conference).  It's basically Disney World for engineers.  I'm not an engineer, but I can stand around in a booth and talk about the funding opportunities we offer.  It was an enjoyable week - the food especially.  I had shrimp every day - twice some days.

This coming Thursday I'm heading to Michigan for a baby shower for DNiece.  Looking forward to seeing DSon and the rest of the family. 

The end of the month, I'm heading to Atlanta to attend and present at AWWA WIC (American Water Works Association - Water Infrastructure Conference). 

In between all of this, I've been doing more paper crafting than stitching - I have almost all the birthday and anniversary cards done for the year and LOTS of ideas for next year.

But, I did do some stitching:

Here's my progress on Savannah Birth Record.  I was planning to stitch this weekend, but things just keep getting in the way.  Fortunately, tomorrow is a holiday - Columbus Day (okay it's a sort of holiday, but I get it off) - so I plan to stitch.  I may get to it tonight, but will see if I can resist the lure of the crochet hook.

Saturday, September 15, 2018

Trying to get back on track

While not what I had hoped, two weeks since my last post is pretty darn good considering my summer schedule. I have a crazy travel schedule through the end of October so not sure I'll be able to keep up the every-two-weeks post, but will try.

So, I have two SAL check-ins.  TUSAL is a bit late, but Gifted Gorgeousness is right on time.

TUSAL is hosted by Sharon at It's Daffycat.  If you have had trouble keeping up with other SALs, this is one for you.  Collect all those bits and pieces that you normally throw away in a pretty jar and once a month post a picture.  Why?  Because everyone needs a low stress SAL.

The top of my jar is filled with mostly sewing thread from the baby quilt top, but there is some embroidery floss there on top of it.  I hope to add more embroidery floss soon.

Today is check-in day for Gifted Gorgeousness.  Gifted Gorgeousness is hosted by Jo at Serendipitous Stitching.  You can add this one to the low stress SAL list too.  If you've ever been given a stitching gift, are working on one, or have a way to it a project into those categories, this is the SAL for you.  I have one gift piece that I started and two that I finished-finished.

The one I started is the Savannah Birth Record.  

A red bird and a bit of giraffe.  This is done on 28-count Platinum Cashel with the threads from the kit.  The fold will iron out when the piece is washed and ironed.

The two that I finished are the Mom and Dad for my Niece-in-law and Nephew.  I finished the stitching a while back but couldn't settle on a finished form. I went easy and did pillows.  

Here's the front of Mom:

And the back:

I love the backing fabric and wish I'd bought more for other projects.

And here's Dad:

The backing fabric reminded me of a tie.

I also did some stitching on my Smalls piece, but didn't finish it for August.  If you're interested in a SAL that focuses on Smalls check out Smalls SAL over at Stitching Lotus' page.  She's already said she's going to continue this in 2019, so I have my first SAL for next year lined up.

This is my version of Just Nan's Seasonal Gems I: Autumn.  There's still a bit to go on it, but I think I can finish it this month.

Other than stitching and finishing, I've been doing some paper crafting and crocheting.  I've started and ripped out three different baby blanket patterns but I think I've finally settled one that I like and will work with the yarn I have.  I now have a month to finish it.  

Monday, September 3, 2018

More flitting

I am not sure how flitting from one thing to another gets, or seems to get, more accomplished than concentrating on one thing at a time, but for me it seems to be working. 

I finished painting all the ornaments.  I now have 36 red, 36 white and 3 green Christmas ornaments all ready for decorating. 

I also finished the baby blanket.

I kept trying to square up the center when I realized that the center IS square, but the yarn is throwing everything off.  At a glance, each band looks the same width and on the outer edges they pretty much are, but not in the center and that's making it look tilted - of course I laid it out in an area too small for it so there wasn't enough room to really work the left and right edges straight (or as straight as they are).

Oh yes, I started and finished a hat.

I don't know why I had this yarn in my closet, but, I'm glad I did as I was able to learn the ribbing, figure out decreasing, work on my tension and still have a decent, finished item.  May not be a fancy yarn, but it will definitely keep a head warm.

I now have a quilt top:

Another poor angle, but while looking for someplace to hang this so I could take a picture, I realized I don't have many walls that are blank and just wasn't in the mood to take things down and put them back up.  I'm not sure about the actual quilting -  I would love to have someone else do it, but haven't found anyone in the area - need to look up some quilt shops and see if they have recommendations.  If I don't do that, then I'll probably just quilt around the triangles.  I made a major mistake trimming the rows so when I took my seam allowance I don't have nice points on my pieced triangles - hopefully the baby won't mind.

While I had the sewing machine out, I did some mending and hemming - it was nice to get that pile finished and put away (I'd forgotten what was in it to be honest) - and finished three pieces into pillows.  I just need to find my bag of stuffing and finish them off - I'll post pictures when they're all done - right now they're looking a little flabby.

I was at Joann's looking for a large tapestry needle so I could weave in the ends of the blanket (I know there are some in the house, but I have no clue where they are - I also can't find my package of hand sewing needles, suppose the two went off together) and was wandering around the yarn section when I found this Dimensions kit in one of the yarn bins:

 My initial thought was "not putting things back where they found them, how rude" but then I saw the picture and remembered that my great-nephew's nursery is being decorated in a jungle theme so this was perfect  AND it was on clearance for $4.47.  The only thing I didn't like was the fabric, but I had a piece of 28-count Cashel in my stash that was big enough so switched that out and will be starting this later today.  I still think whoever left this was rude for not putting it back, but it sort of seems that I was meant to find it given the odd location. 

Speaking of stitching (which is what I'm supposed to be talking about on this blog) - If you're looking for a cute pumpkin pattern, By the Bay Needleart has a freebie here.  I have a leftover piece of PTP Haunted that I think is big enough for this, if not I know I saw a blue-ish piece in the leftover bin that would work.

Back to the office tomorrow.  It's my short week, so already planning what I want to get done (and there's finally some stitching on that list) next weekend.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Hummingbird crafting

You've never done hummingbird crafting?  I'll bet you have, most people call it "not being able to concentrate", but it's when you flit from project to project, doing little bits on several but not finishing any of them.  Hummingbird crafting happens mostly when you have several large projects that can't be finished in one sitting, so you have to do bits of each of them to make any progress.

The first one is this:

Those are clear plastic Christmas ornaments that I have been painting.  I can only do a dozen or so at a time because I only have 12 bottles of paint and until last weekend I only had one egg carton.  Here's what it looks like when they're draining:

I was initially filling, coating and draining one at a time and then putting them in the egg carton to finish draining and drying.  As I was standing there doing the second one, I noticed that the neck of the ornament was about the size of the bottle opening and well, this is the result.  I add the paint, coat the inside, insert the neck into bottle and let them sit for ages before putting them in the egg carton to finish draining and drying - it takes FOREVER to dry!!! I have another dozen left to do before I start decorating them.  What am I doing with them you ask?  I am making three Christmas countdown sets.  I am going to put Christmas carol titles (cut from vinyl with my Cricuit) on each ball and then number them from 1 to 24 (working how to do that).  Then I'm going to print out the words to each carol and make them into a booklet (working on this too)).  On December 1st, you find the ornament number 1, hang it on the tree and sing the carol while you're doing it.  I am thinking of calling the book, "Sing a Song 'til Christmas" but that is subject to change too.

The second is the baby blanket/afghan.  I don't have an updated photo, but it looks like it did in my previous post, just bigger. :-)  Based on the yarn I have left, I probably have two or three more rounds left.  I have enjoyed doing the blanket so much that I found some more yarn to make another one.  My next one is going to be a rectangle rather than the more traditional square.

Apparently, I'm worried that the great-nephew is going to get cold, because in addition to the two blankets, I've started a quilt.

These are all ready for ironing and trimming down.  The fabric is a really soft flannel. I haven't decided how I'm going to lay it out, but really like the colors.  It has been ages since I made a quilt, and I'm really enjoying it.

The other two pieces are stitching!!  I finished the stitching on the main piece for Snowman and Pals and started the back-stitching/outlining.

and added a bit more to Just Nan's Seasonal Gems I: Autumn

I am, again, leaving off the writing so have had to do a little pattern modification.  This time I've ended up with gravity defying grapes.  There is a motif in the side middle but I'm not sure it will fit with the changes I've made.  I have decided that I'm going to make a cube once I finish all four of these.  I even have the fabric picked out.  A few embellishment decisions to make but having a finishing idea at this stage is huge for me.

I broke down and bought some patterns:

Yes, it's sideways - I can't seem to get Blogger to flip the picture.  I have been watching Cottage Garden Samplings' The Songbird's Garden Series for a few months now and finally gave in and bought #1 and #2.  I don't know if I'll buy the whole series but cardinals and chickadees are two of my favorite birds, so had to get these.  The pattern in the back at the right bottom is Peace on Earth Sampler also from Cottage Garden Samplings. 

In addition to Cottage Garden Samplings, Xs & Ohs' 12-Northern Days of Christmas ended up in my cart.

This one just made me smile.  It is such a fun change from the normal interpretation of the 12 Days of Christmas.  I like all of them, but really love the "Lords a-leaping".  I think I'll do them as separate ornaments - I am planning to have a 12 Days of Christmas tree some one year and these will be a wonderful addition.

So that's what I've been up to the last couple of weeks.  I'll be back to hummingbirding on Friday and maybe actually have a finish to show.

Saturday, August 4, 2018


So there's July done and dusted.  In my last post, I was getting ready to go to Michigan for a family reunion.  I've been and come back from two now.  Yep, my Mother's family reunion was the 14th and my Dad's was the 28th.  It was so good to see everyone again and I had a wonderful time with the immediate family too.

Nephew and Niece announced they're having a boy!  Let the crafting begin!!  I probably won't have a lot of stitching for the foreseeable future as I'm making a quilt.  I also took my crochet knowledge (one unfinished scarf) added lots of YouTube watching and started...

It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but I am completely chuffed.  The yarn is Jordan Almonds from Caron. It's self-striping so it looks like I know what I'm doing when all I have to do is keep up with the pattern (which is just the same thing over and over). 

I did do some stitching in July and actually have a finish:

Just Nan's Seasonal Gems I: Summer
I finally decided an extra eyelet balanced everything out just fine.  I'm contemplating adding a bead on each side but have to see if there are any left after I finish:

Just Nan's Seasonal Gems I:  Autumn

I'm counting Summer as my July Smalls SAL entry.  Heather at Stitching Lotus hosts the Smalls SAL.  It's a very no stress SAL, stitch a small and post a photo of it the end of the month.  Don't have one one month (or 6 or 7 as happened to me last year)? No problem, just join back in when you do.

I also worked on Snowman and Pals the Dimensions' Whimsies I mentioned last post.  I was able to get a decent picture of it:

Need to finish the light and there's some background stitching and lots of backstitching before he's done.  There are two side pieces to stitch and then they're stitched together to finish the standup.

I'm a few days late but still within posting time for WIPocalypse .  WIPocalypse is hosted by Melissa at Measi's Musings and reminds us to give some love to something we've already started before starting something new.  The snowman and Summer were both from my stash, but they weren't WIPs so they don't count and I didn't put a stitch in either of my targeted WIPs so this month's report is a big 0.  Melissa gives us topics each month to nudge us along if we can't come up with something to say.  This month's is:  Half-year recap:  How are you doing with your goals so far?  Not so good.  I realized early on that I had, as is typical of me, over estimated how fast I could stitch.  I should be half through each of my focus pieces as I was hoping they'd be gifts for this Christmas, but I am nowhere near close to half way on either piece.  I've had a mini-slump going on either for mental health reasons or vacation/traveling BUT my major stresser at work left for greener pastures and I won't be traveling again until October.  So I should be able to settle myself back into a routine.  Once I finish up the quilt and blanket (probably blankets as I am really enjoying it) I can get back to my stitching.

I'll be pulling the sewing machine out this evening and getting myself into quilting mode - I might even hem those two pairs of pants the The Hubs hung over the back of my chair a while back...

Monday, July 9, 2018

A Secret Revealed

I mentioned a while back that I was stitching a number of pieces but couldn't show them just yet.  I was able to show you my parent's anniversary piece the end of May and now I can show you:

These are Love You Dad and Love You Mom by Bent Creek.  They're stitched on 32-count Summer Khaki Belfast (more golden brown than beige) in the DMC conversion.  There are heart buttons on Mom and a star button on Dad.  I'm trying to decide between flatfolds or pillows for finished-finishes.  Why the secrecy?  Well, Alex and Michelle - see my previous post - didn't make the official announcement that they're expecting until this weekend.  Yep, we're going to have a new addition to the family come early December (I think we're going to find out this weekend if it's a boy or girl).   Everyone is very excited - this will be my sister's first grandchild and my parent's first great-grand.  So far, Mom and baby are doing well.

So onto current stitching.  Goldie came out of hibernation and I did a fair amount on her.  She went from here:

to here:

Lots of filling in now and I am going to have to do something about that blue nose. I've been researching ways to fix it, but haven't come across the perfect solution yet.  I don't need to cover it up, just tone the blue down a bit.

I've been stitching on a WIP that I found while digging through a box.  It's a Whimsies by Dimensions kit and is stitching up quickly. It's done on plastic canvas and I'm having a horrible time photographing it, so will wait a bit before trying again.  It's going to be my travel project as I don't have to worry about a hoop or scroll rods so nice and compact.

So, onto the last of my WIPs:

This is New England St. Nick from The Goode Huswife.  It's stitched on a 30-count Onyx from Weeks Dye Works with NPI silks (oh to have that disposable income again).  I bought the pattern, fabric and threads from In Stitches in Alexandria, Virginia when I went up to the Woodlawn needlework show a number of years ago.  The designer moved and stopped designing not too much after I bought this but I read somewhere that she is going to re-release her charts so this may be available at a reasonable price again.

This a from the Lilac Studio's leaflet Rose Duet I and is Rosa Gallica Versicolor.  It's stitched using DMC but I can't remember what the fabric is.  I do remember that it is a very open weave - something I don't really care for.  It stitched up fast as I remember that this was only a couple of night's of stitching.  My plan was to do all four, - Rose Duet I and Rose Duet II and hang them in my dining room.  I haven't had that particular dining room for almost 11 years now, so I'm not sure where I'm going to put these.  Maybe the guest room.

Next is:

Santa of the Forest from Lavender and Lace. It is stitched on a 32-count Natural Linen with DMC and, later, lots of Kreinik (actually it's charted with DMC 284Z but I absolutely refuse to use it).  I have a love/hate relationship with this piece.  I love the colors - the reds just jump off the fabric and the detail is what you would expect from a Lavender and Lace piece; however, this is the third time I've started it.  The first time I think was my fault as I think I miscounted my starting place and could not fit the crook of his staff on the fabric.  I'm not exactly sure what happened the second time, but I suspect the fabric was cut to design area size as I quickly discovered that there was NO extra fabric.  I was mad about that one as I'd taken the pattern to the store with me and I remember talking with them about my first issue.  I went to a different store for the third piece and they measured, remeasured and measured again just to make sure.  Hopefully third time is a charm. 

Next is:

Tiles from Sue Lentz Needlework.  I can't tell you much about this one. I got the kit at an EGA swap night.  The fabric is a white evenweave, but that's about all I can tell you.  The piece isn't charted, it's all directions - stitch 24 stitches on the diagonal and the like.  I love the color palette but it takes a lot of concentration.

and last but not least is:

By the Bay Needleart's Fall SAL. At the time I posted my list to the tab up top called "All My Other WIPs" I couldn't find this one so there isn't a current picture of it. I found it a little while back, but couldn't find the patterns (it's a three part SAL), so I was going to throw it out.  I'm glad I'm a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to throwing out crafty things as a few weeks ago I was surfing her blog and found the posts with the pattern, so I'm back in business with this one.  It's small so I may slip it into my Smalls SAL so I can get it finished.

So, that's all my non-Chatelaine or HaED WIPs and a little bit about each of them.  The good thing is that I still like each of them so they will be finished some day.

Back into the office tomorrow, I worked from home today, and then on Wednesday I'm driving to Michigan.  My Mom is hosting her family's reunion on Saturday, so lots of good fun, good food and people (they're good too).

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Giving June a Miss

Before I jump into the excuses well-thought out reasons for not posting or stitching...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Alex and Michelle.  My Nephew and Niece are celebrating their first wedding anniversary today.  In case you don't remember, here's a photo from the day:

So, um, yeah, well, stitching....

See it started with an innocent work trip.  I had to pack and get everything around the weekend before the trip so not a lot of stitching that weekend.  I then had to unpack and do laundry and all the normal weekend stuff the weekend I got back, so no stitching that weekend.  I could have stitched while I was gone, but I have learned that I am so tired at the end of a full day of training that I usually have to frog everything I did, so I read instead in the evenings.  So, yeah, that's what happened.  I am so far behind on all my SAL check-ins that I'm just going to give June a pass and work on making July better which it won't be as I have two trips to Michigan for family reunions - see what happens with trips earlier in paragraph.  I do know I won't be doing any more work travel this year.  We got our Administrative budget last week (our fiscal year starts October 1st, so we've been guessing for the last 9 months on what our budget would be) and we had a rather significant, unforeseen, reduction - so no more travel or pens, paper or other supplies and don't even ask to take a class or other training.

So what have I gotten done?  Well I have been working on Just Nan's Seasonal Gems II Summer.

This is stitched on 28-count Platinum Cashel with the called for DMC.  If you are stitching or have stitched this one, mine is a bit different from the chart.  I decided I didn't need it to say Summer and it bugged me that the design wasn't really centered in the border, so I am modifying. If you've been reading my blog for any period of time you'll know I am not a pattern changer - I was attracted to the design just the way it appeared on the chart so I don't change things.  This is HUGE for me.  I haven't done anything really major, just flipped the piece around and stitched the top band of motifs on the bottom.  That move changed up the middle motif a little but now it's centered, so I'm happy.  I need to figure out what goes in those gaps on the sides.  I also need to add beads, Kreinik and eyelets, but there's really not a lot left before it's finished.

This weekend I pulled Chatelaine's Japanese Zen Garden back out.  Last time you saw it, it was here:

and today, it's here:

I didn't do all of this stitching this weekend, just haven't updated my progress photos in a while.  This is stitched on 32-count Summer Sky Jobelan with Martina's DMC conversion.  I am using the called for PTB, beads and two threads that didn't have a good conversion.  As usual, I love stitching a Chatelaine and am looking forward to settling in for a good stitch the rest of this afternoon.

To continue my WIP review, I have:

Liz Turner Diehl's Flamigerge Egg.  This is stitched on the called for fabric, but I can't remember what it is, with the called for threads and I can't remember those either, so will have to get back to you with that information.  When completed, this will be in the fashion of a Faberge egg but with the very non-Russian motif of flamingos.  Now all I can see are a line of flamingos wearing Ushankas or maybe Cossak hats...

The next one is another Liz Turner Diehl piece (I have several of her gardens in my stash too):

Hannah's Hummingbird Knotgarden.  The Hubs gave this kit to me for my birthday a number of years ago - it has a copyright of 2007, so probably not too much after that.  It has Madeira and Rainbow Gallery Glissen Gloss threads which are both new to me.  I enjoyed working with the Madeira but the packaging caused me a little headache and I still haven't figured out what I'm supposed to do with the leftover bits.  The kit also contained all the beads.

Blackbird Designs 2011 Loose Feather's Design is next.  I have a start on part one the alphabet bleeds over into part two a little bit

Again, called for fabric and threads.  I am pretty sure I got this as a subscription piece through Wasatch Needlecrafts (sadly now out of business).  This is the first piece I put on my belt scroll - the fabric mounts on the ends rather than the top for those pieces that are too long for even the longest scroll rods.  I did discover that it works best on shorter pieces as you would need arms like an orangutan to reach the top of this one comfortably for those of us with human length arms, turning it upside down also works.

And last for this week is Mill Hill's 2006 Buttoned and Beaded Christmas.

I am stitching all six kits side-by-side on one long piece of fabric.  I think the fabric is a 28-count raw linen.  Another one that's using the belt scroll - this one fits much better as it's shorter.  I really like the Mill Hill kits as a "grab and go" piece but am always worried about mangling the paper, so when I saw them on fabric it was a complete "palm meet forehead" moment - why hadn't I thought of that before?  Although I'm sure it goes back to my earlier discussion of "not a changer" or more likely it's "there's a perfectly good piece of stitching paper why should I spend money on fabric?".

And I have been doing some stashing I have GOT to stay off  Floss Tube as I have a serious case of stash envy and I go looking at things and then they're in my cart and then, well you know *sigh*.  This

is Evening in the Shire from CutePatternsByMaria an Etsy store (don't even get me started on the evil wonderfulness of Etsy).  I bought a piece of Twilight Mist Jobelan that I think will work really well.  I also bought Sea in a Bottle:

Sea in the bottle  I haven't found the right fabric for this one, but have a piece of Twilight/Silver that I think might work.  There are a couple more patterns in her shop that I am tempted by but I am determined to stick to my Stitch from Stash budget for the rest of this year so on my wish list they will stay.

A weird work week coming up for me.  Independence Day is on Wednesday so I'll work Monday and Tuesday, have Wednesday off and work Thursday and Friday.  Friday is my work from home day so only three trips into the office this week.

Stay cool or warm if you're in the Southern Hemisphere.  We're in the middle of an early summer heatwave with temperatures in the mid- to upper-90s with "feels like" temperatures into the 100s.  Tomorrow's heat index is supposed to be near 105 so not looking forward to walking to and from the train station tomorrow afternoon.  I think I will work on Christmas cards on Wednesday - think cool and you'll be cool right?