Monday, December 19, 2011

I Hermited This Weekend

After following the International Hermit and Stitch Weekend for most of the year, you can read more about it on Joyze's blog,  I finally got around to officially joining for this weekend.  Of course that meant that I didn't get to do as much stitching as I usually do, but I did craft and finally finished our holiday cards I put them in the mail this morning, so I can say that I am DONE with holiday preparations!!

Before I get to my update pictures, thanks to everyone that left comments, I really appreciate them.  Dani, no treadmill for the last month?!?!?!  I'd be in really sad shape, literally and figuratively, if mine every went.  Ouch on the washing machine - not exactly what I would have wished for as a gift.  Over 1?  Are you doing Enchantment of Winter?  I have that one in my stash and if by some miracle I finish Twilight of the Tsar I plan to start that one.

Since it is now 8:40 and I have to be in bed in 20 minutes the joys of getting up at 4:00 AM, here are my update pictures:

Twilight of the Tsar.  I did the backstitching on the ring and added some blue.  I also remembered why I don't like stitching with blending filament, but the effect will be very worth it.

Hawaiian Mandala.  Added the gold topstitching in the outer border, the algerian eyelets not fun in metallic thread and worked on two side pineapples.

And finally,

Santa 2010: Socks & Underwear.  I put this one on my scroll frame and it went so much faster than stitching in hand.  I finished the body of the shirt and hope to give Santa some arms and hands during the week.  This one could actually be a finish this week as all that's left, aside from his arms and hands, are his pants and boots.

All in all, given the limited time I had to stitch, I feel pretty good about what I did get done.


Mouse said...

ooo I can see why you feel good ... you did get a lot done :) love the santa one .... hope you have a fab holiday season :) love mouse xxxx

Giovanna said...

Absolutely lovely WIPs - cute Santa!

Nancy said...

You know, my sister is soooooo talented!
Love looking at your stitching stuff and am a little jealous that I have NO patience to do any of it!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Yeah, it kinda sucks to be me lately, and I'm surely feeling not so svelt since I haven't run in almost a month now! Argh! Who would of thought I would miss it, and I find having no treadmill leads to my discipline with food going a little lax as well ... tough time of year for it, but it should be delivered tomorrow.

Yes, I'm working on Enchantment of Winter such a stunning piece, there is a lot of over one on this piece, and since it calls for 32ct I wouldn't be able to do it without my magnifier lamp!

Your egg is looking magnificent and I can see the blending fillamnet in the ring. It does add a lovely touch (PS enchantment has over one with BF... try that ick!).

Joysze said...

Love them all, Susan. I was just commenting to hubby today that I love Hawaiian so much more on light color fabbies, and yours is just gorgeous!!

Love the Santa stitch... ROFL!

Lovely colors in Twilight as well.

Getting up at 4.... YIKES!!! Sometimes I don't go to bed till 3...

Agi said...

Santa is funny, and your Hawaiian looks gorgeous. Getting up at 4 sounds terrible...

Donna said...

I love the mandala. Beautiful colors and Santas looking pretty cute too

Ivana said...

Mandala is absolutely amazing! By the new year I wish to taste a lot of embroidery and other needlework.