Saturday, August 11, 2012

If Found Please Return

If you find my mojo, for just about everything, would you please send it home?  I really do miss it and am tired of being in this funk.  Stitching and other things are getting done, but I'm not able to concentrate for more than a few minutes at a time.  I sit down, take a couple of stitches and then think of something to do or get distracted by something on TV which is VERY unusual for me and then it's an hour or so before I sit back down to stitch and repeat so while I have stitching pictures to show, there isn't a lot of progress

So rather than try to remember what I've been up to since my last post, I'm just going to go right into stitching pictures:


 And after:
Holly by Mirabilia
Stitched on 28-count opalescent White with DMC, Rainbow Gallery PTP, and Mill Hill and Delica Beads

This one is actually a finish!!!


Summerhill House by Debbie Mumm for Mill Hill
Stitched on 28-count Bluebell Jobelan with DMC and Mill Hill beads
 As is this one!


And after:
Summer Mystery SAL by By the Bay Needlearts
Stitched on 32-count Lavender Swirl from Silkweaver Fabrics with DMC

New England St Nick by The Goode Huswife
Stitched on 35-count Onyx from Weeks Dye Works with NPI  
 And finally:


And after:
Japanese Octagonal Box by Chatelaine
Stitched on 32-count Light Blue Belfast with NPI, Petite Treasure Braid, Gloriana, Wildflowers and Delica beads
 I have already started thinking about my 2013 stitching plans.  They will certainly feature fewer projects but I am enjoying the structure of my rotation just as I am enjoying all the projects that I have in it, but I would like to see more progress on fewer pieces than just a little on a lot.  It is going to be difficult to decide which pieces to leave and which to put "in the wings".


Brigitte said...

Oh Susan, I know what you write about. I usually lose my stitching mojo in May or so and then I just want to read and not do anything else. This year it has been different - I rarely get a book read but my stitching mojo works like never before, lol. But after reading 20 pages in my book I think of stitching or something else and the book gets closed again. Sigh.
Your progress pictures are gorgeous anyway. Great projects.

Erica said...

Your stitching is just lovely!
I really like Summerhill Farm. Congrats on the finish!
I know what you mean about the distractions. Lately I am finding distraction a way of like. There are days that I wander off before I finish doing the dishes only the come back and find them later dirty in the sink! What's up with that!?!

Jan said...

I think Mojo is nomadic. It leaves one person and goes to another. Yours will come back soon.

Catherine said...

I wish I had some of your mojo! I have completely lost mine, at least you are getting some stitching done!
Your projects look wonderful ~ can't wait to see what you get done when you find your mojo again!

Peggy Lee said...

For losing your mojo you've managed to get quite a bit done. I am usually as you describe....only able to sit down for short periods of time to stitch before I get up and become distracted with other things.

I'll keep an eye out for your mojo!

Nancy said...

Maybe you left it up here! I'll look around the house for it...I know I didn't take it!

MarchAnn said...

Your Mojo and my mojo are off playing somewhere. Hee Hee.
Everything looks wonderful Susan I love your projects they look so wonderful.

Mangogirl said...

beautiful stitching. It looks like a lot of progress :D

Maureen said...

Your wips and finishes look great. I do hope your mojo returns home soon!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I know what you're going through I think we've all been there from time to time.

All of your stitching projects are just beautiful.

Glad to hear I'm not the only one that has started thinking towards 2013 stitching plans

Anne said...

I think that you have made loads of progress on your WIP's! They are all so beautiful! The mojo will come back, but it does go away from time to time!!