Saturday, October 6, 2012

Doors Closed

The title really has nothing to do with much of anything except that I just watched an episode of "NOVA" that was sort of "everything you wanted to know about elevators but were afraid to ask".  Did you know that the "doors closed" button doesn't work?   I only use the elevator at the office if I'm going more than 3 flights up or down but on the few times I have actually ridden the elevator and used the button it certainly didn't seem to do too much.  Of course in my building, it isn't really a surprise when something doesn't work as expected.

We are expecting our first extended cold snap starting tomorrow.  I don't mind the cooler weather and I do hope that it decides to stay cooler.  The temperature ups and downs are very frustrating.  Dressing for the temperatures in the morning is sure to have you overdressed for the afternoon. 

Thank you to my new followers.  I have been very lax in my blogging and blog commenting - I have been reading (you are all an amazing group of stitchers) and really do hope to get back to a more regular schedule of reading, commenting and blogging.

Before I forget, Donna at By the Bay Needleart is hosting another freebie stitch along.  This one is an autumn themed one done in four parts.  One part will be released each Wednesday.  The really nice thing is that it is sized to fit a 5"X7" frame when stitched on 28 count fabric.  I have my fibers pulled but have not started stash diving for fabric.

As this is supposed to be a way for me to keep track of my stitching, I should probably show some...

This is Ink Circles' 99 stitched on an unknown company's 32-count Golden Walnut fabric with DMC:

Just Nan's Christmas Elegance stitched on 28-count Antique White with DMC, Kreinik metallics and beads.



And this is Mirabilia's Santa's Magic.  It is stitched on 32-count opalescent Amertrine from Silkweaver's with DMC, Kreinik and Mill Hill beads.


Twilight of the Tsars by Dimple Designs is going on the frame for this weekend's stitching time.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What great progress you've been making. I love the Just Nan sampler.

Thanks for letting us know about the By the Bay SAL, I've added it to the SAL Directory blog here:

Jan said...

Good to see you back stitching. The Just Nan is beautiful. You'll have your hands full with the 99 for a while.

Catherine said...

Great stitches!

Giovanna said...

Very nice going on the WIPs - love the bottles, of course :-)

Rhona said...

Great stitching! I was going to buy the 99 but decided against it (wouldn't get it done in time for Xmas) and every time I see someone stitching it I regret not buying it!
Christmas Elegance is amazing!

Joysze said...

I read about that too... the elevator thing. It's supposed to make you *think* you're making it close faster... but nope, sorry, chappy!

Ooooh, I love the Just Nan one. It's going to be sooooo cute!!! :D