Sunday, December 15, 2013

Wonderful Customer Service

Five or six years ago, The Hubs gave me a Needlework System 4 floor stand.  It quickly became my most prized stitching accessory.  Fast forward to about a week ago.  A phone call from The Hubs began with, "You're going to be really mad." Not a good start to a conversation.  He went on to say that his leg gave out (a troubling comment on its own), he'd fallen across the scroll frame on the stand and the only two plastic parts on the stand broke. We aren't talking about flimsy plastic pieces, but math not being my strongest subject, I won't try to do the math to determine the force generated by a large man falling, suffice it to say, it was a lot. No, I wasn't mad and fortunately The Hubs wasn't hurt, but I was disappointed that it had happened.  A few minutes after the first call, The Hubs called back to say that he had called the folks at System 4 and they were sending two new pieces in that day's mail, free of charge!

The stand looked like this when I got home:

The screws you see are supposed to have a scroll frame attached to them.

Friday I got home from work and the stand looked like this:

The pieces came in and The Hubs was able to get everything put back together just like new.  I have been so busy with holiday preparations that I haven't had a chance to stitch, but it is nice to know that I can.

Thank you to the folks at Needlework System 4 for a wonderful product and great customer service.  The usual disclaimer of no affiliation just a VERY, very happy customer. 


Catherine said...

That's great ~ not that your husband fell, I hope he was okay ~ but that the company was so quick to respond and you are back in stitching business when you are ready!

Karen said...

Hope your hubby is okay!

It's great to hear good customer service stories. Sometimes it seems like companies don't give a flying flip about whether the customer is happy or not.

llknbillburg said...

It's always nice to be able to give a positive customer service review! And glad your husband is okay too!! Laura

SoCal Debbie said...

That certainly is great customer service! Now back to stitching!

Chris said...

So glad that your DH is ok and so is your scroll frame! Glad to hear that you had a great customer service experience.
Have a great week!

Dani - tkdchick said...

That is wonderful customer service!!!!

Zeb said...

Oh no! Hope DH is ok? And what an awful thing to happen to your stand too.

I LOVE my NS4 and don't know how I'd cope without it now. So glad to see that their customer service is so good :)

Anne said...

Oh my! Good to hear your hubby is okay and that your stand got fixed. I'm glad this story ended well!!