Friday, August 1, 2014

Economizing My Posts

A week ago Wednesday, I got on a train headed for Union Station in Washington DC and then on to Toledo, Ohio.  While I have traveled by train in the past, numerous times in Italy and once on the Acela from Boston to Washington, DC the Acela is Amtrak's high-speed train and is a very nice way to get along the east coast and every day for work, the trains involved were very different than the ones I was on for this trip so I wasn't really sure what to expect.  I was very pleasantly surprised.  If you haven't considered Amtrak for travel, you definitely should.  Yes, it does take longer than flying and the schedules can be a bit challenging, but it's about 1/3 of the cost and you can get up and walk around anytime you chose, stretch out to nap (more than enough room for the seats to recline without landing in the lap of the person in back of you), visit the dining or cafe cars for food and drinks or sit in the observation car and just watch it all roll by.  I did a lot of sleeping (two overnight trains), looking out the window and reading.  My sister picked me up in Toledo rather than me taking the bus to the Detroit area and I spent a wonderful week with my family.  First at my sister's, (thanks JANE!!) and then at my parent's (thank you Mom and Dad!).  Went to a family reunion, talked, laughed and ate way too much, there are some awesome cooks in my family, and generally just lazed around and relaxed the rest of the time.  While I was gone, several of my SALs had posting dates so you are going to get four updates for the price of one!!! starting with 2014 TUSAL.

TUSAL is hosted at It's Daffycat.  All that is involved is that you save all those bits of thread that you used to throw away and on the new moon, post a photo.  Simple as can be.  This month, my TUSAL photo is also my Just Nan SAL 2014 photo.  Zeb at Keep Calm and Cross Stitch is hosting this SAL.  All you have to do is stitch a piece or pieces designed by Just Nan. An easy one for me as I have a ton of her designs in my stash.  So in an economizing post, I'm economizing on photos too!!

I know what you're thinking - the jar is full, the fabric is blank.  Yep, getting the fabric (28-count Antique Ivory) straightened, ironed and marked is all I got done on my Just Nan piece this month.  I do hope to get some stitches in Spring in the Air tomorrow as its rotation is up and Secret Victorian Garden will be going on the frame Sunday morning.

Next up is 2014 Smalls SAL.  Heather at Stitching Lotus is hosting this SAL.  Pick a small, stitch it and post on the last Wednesday of the month.  How easy is that?  I really enjoy participating in this one as I tend to stitch large projects and if it wasn't for these smalls, I would have very few finishes in a year.  I was able to finish this one just under the wire - I have a feeling my summer stitching slump is trying to make an appearance - while at my parents.
Winter Sheep by Little House Needleworks  - stitched on 30-count Weeks Dye Works Straw Linen with DMC and Just Another Button Company buttons
The directions call for the holly sprig to be stitched onto the hanging cord, but I liked it on the piece and being the stitching rebel that I am okay I knew it would take me a while to actually finish this into an ornament and that I would probably lose the button so it was safer to attach it...

And last but not least, a not late, YOTA post.  YOTA is hosted at Pull the Other Thread and is designed to provide incentive to work through those WIPs that you may have sitting around.  I think I have posted updates of all the WIPs on my YOTA list so here is a photo of my progress on Lizzie*Kate's Holly and Hearts sampler.  Although it's not on my YOTA list, it is a WIP that I would like to get done this year.

Holly and Hearts by Lizzie*Kate - stitched on an unknown piece of hand-dyed linen with Weeks Dye Works fibers.
It is supposed to be a wet weekend here in central Virginia, so once the laundry is done, I should have lots of time to stitch!!  I don't even have to worry too much about cooking - the air conditioner's compressor went out last week and we're waiting for the part so trying to keep heat production to a minimum calls for slow-cooker and grilled meals - neither of which take lots of preparation time!!


Pull the other thread said...

I love travelling on trains they are lovely but don't get to do it very often. Your small project this month is so sweet, well done on the finish. Love your YOTA post for this month.

Małgorzata Zoltek said...

Bardzo ładne hafty. Pozdrawiam.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

My dad was a train driver - initially steam and then diesel - so I traveled a lot on trains when I was young. It's so relaxing.

Leonore Winterer said...

I had a lot of train (and bus) traveling myself lately, and I usually like it as well...although somwhere between 6 and 8 hours straight seems to be the limit for me to enjoy, afterwards, it just gets exhausting.

I love that little sheep you finished, it's just so cute ^_^

Linda said...

All your projects look great Susan.


Suz said...

I would love to travel on Amtrak, but can't until they allow pets :( I hear they are/were doing a pilot program regarding bringing pets on board somewhere, but they were only small pets, and my Mona is 70, and kind of noticeable ;)

Your projects look great!

Faith... said...

All your stitching looks great! I love to travel by Amtrak.

Heather said...

Great work!

I love to travel by train. We went from Toronto to Montreal last summer, and it was great. And there is definitely so much more room!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I used to commute to work by train and got lots of stitching done!

This was certainly a bargain post, even if the Just Nan requires a lot of imagination!

I do agree with you about that holly button, I would absolutely lose it before I finished the piece.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...
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Anonymous said...

Love the sheep! I need to get moving on mine as I'm about a year behind.