Monday, April 10, 2017

A start, a finish and other stuff

Another finish!  I am as shocked as you!  Sentimental Heart is now hanging on the "Admire Me" curtain and will be off to the framer sometime this week. 

It took a while to get the beads figured out on the modified areas, but I am happy with how it turned out.

With that finish, I have one commitment piece to go.  A Glimpse of Santa is one the frame now and looks like this:

Someday this will be a Christmas stocking.  The pattern is from the Stoney Creek Collection and is done on antique white 28-count Monaco with DMC.  There will be a few modifications for this one also as the pattern is so old (I just found it but the copyright is 2001) that most of the called for bits and bobs are no longer available.  I see some time at the jewelry/bead sections of the big box stores in my future and am looking forward to seeing what I can find.

I also got some time in on Santa and the Mouse and Shakespearean Fantasy this week.

Started his glove and did a bit of a curtain.

More black here, but I should be back into the greens when I pull it back out Friday evening.

And last for this week:

Gold and Purple Corner by Scarlet Suen for The Sampler Life SAL.  I have a couple more gold motifs to add and then onto the purple.  I am fairly confident I will finish this one this month. I do need to unroll this so I can get a photo of the whole thing and remind myself what it looks like.

I should pull It's About Time out and get a few stitches into it this evening, but I am beat.  I had some minor surgery last Wednesday.  Few days off work and, because of my killer commute, a couple weeks of telework just to be sure everything stays together and where it's supposed to be.  I had no trouble getting up and getting going this morning, but around 2:30 this afternoon my energy level fell through the floor and I almost fell asleep on my computer.  Granted the project I'm working on isn't the most exciting thing ever dreamed up, but it isn't something that normally puts me to sleep.  All that round about to say, I don't think I will be doing any stitching tonight.  But as I have two weeks of evenings ahead of me, I'm not going to be too upset about losing tonight.


Linda said...

Lovely finish and progress Susan.


Robin in Virginia said...

Congratulations on the wedding sampler finish, Susan! It is gorgeous. Good progress on the new project as well as your other pieces.

Kerryp77 said...

Beautiful finish. I love the sampler life square too

Nancy Loiselle said...

Beautiful work, as always Big Sis!

Justine said...

Beautiful stitching! You are right to admire Sentimental Heart, it's such a gorgeous finish and in good time too!
Hope you recover fully from your surgery.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Wedding Sampler is just stunning, you should be very proud of yourself for completing that piece.
Nice work on the circular Santa and the everlasting black too!

Mary said...

Your finish is beautiful and your wips look lovely.

Leonore Winterer said...

Great finish, well done! I hope you're recovering well after your surgery and you're enjoying your commute-free evenings!