Monday, January 31, 2011

I'm NOT a Chatelaine WIP Killer

Here's where I was when I started the WIP Killing contest/SAL over on the Yuku board:
Seemed pretty simple, pick a Chatelaine WIP and slay it before the end of January. I had all good intentions, but then Thanksgiving happened and Christmas happened and New Year's happened and life happened and I didn't finish (there's no way the five new starts had *anything* to do with it). I did get this far:

Chatelaine Eyptian Garden Mandala
32 count Sand Belfast
NPI, Gloriana, DMC, Silk 'n Colours, Dinky Dyes
Delica, Bugle and Swarovski beads and crystals

Looking at it, it sure doesn't look like I got very far at all. Oh well, there was progress and that's all that really matters. And really there's not that much more to do.

I'll need to post my January recap, but will do that in the next couple of days as it's almost time for bed.

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