Wednesday, February 2, 2011

January Recap

I'm home sick *again*! I was feeling a bit better on Monday, started feeling a little "puny" (as my Grandmother used to say) yesterday and woke up this morning miserable again. DHubs made a trip to the store and picked up a huge bottle of Robitussin(however you make the copyright symbol) and some grapefruit/tangerine juice for me. I'm hoping the nasty medicine ( I HATE Robitussin with a passion but it works) will finally clear the chest congestion and stop the cough if not I fear I"m on my way to bronchitis.

As I wasn't planning on writing about the plague I've caught, I'll get on with my recap of January's stitching. This is all pulled over from my Yuku blog, so hopefully it posts okay here.

EGYPT GARDEN-Stitch sides including: columns (1), ibis and papyrus (2 1), cats (2) and far away palm trees (2 1)
 WINE A BIT-Stitch
HOLY NIGHT-Start Started January 2, 2011
Start Started January 8, 2011
Start and Finish Band A Started December 31, 2010-Finished Band 1 January 16, 2011SANTABERRY PUDDING
Start Started January 1, 2011
EIGHTSOME REEL-Finish two rounds

I knew the starts would be easy and I really did start five as I did part of part one of Chatelaine's Winter Watergarden, the rest of it, well not so great. I almost finished one round of Eightsome Reel but haven't touched it since the beginning of January. I'm almost tempted to trash it, but I've got almost half of it done and just can't get it through my head that tossing it would be okay.

Egyptian Garden? Well, I'm just more plans than I realistically have time. Yes, I could have stitched more on that if I hadn't taken five evenings to work on new starts, but well where's the fun in that?!?!

I suppose I should start a gadget or whatever Blogger calls it for my February Goals rather than doing it all over on Yuku. I've got all afternoon to figure that out...

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