Saturday, February 12, 2011


"Survived", that's the best I can say about this week. Still not feeling 100%, still sick and tired of the ridiculousness that work has become, and still hating the fact that I'm being set up to fail on a work task.

That's all okay though, it's the weekend and I've got a chocolate cake in the oven - a new recipe, chocolate cake with a sweet cream cheese filling swirled through it. Topped with nuts and fudge frosting

This is right out of the oven. Has to cool at least an hour before frosting. No, it's not even close to being good for us, but we'll survive that.

Not a bit of stitching has been done since Sunday. I've been too tired on the way home to do anything but read and when I've gotten home, well let's say Hubby's skills as a househusband leave *lots* to be desired.  Here's where I stopped on Sunday -

I'm going to start on the outer border today, although it's a small area, like many of Martina's patterns, it's very detailed.

I decimated my Christmas money today in a stash buying spree. I read that the price of Sampler Threads (from Gentle Arts) are going up March 1 and I had quite a list of them to buy. A ONS is having one of their constant sales so I ordered all the GAST, WDW and Crescent Colours I needed for a freebie seasonal bird series from Waxing Moon Designs, the two new Little House Needleworks Christmas ornaments, and Blackbird Designs Anniversaries of the Heart #10 Pumpkin Farm. I also put in a preordered for Blackbird Designs new booklet - I've never ordered one before, but I've also missed out on a lot of really cute patterns because of the omission. I also ordered a couple of pieces of fabric from ABC Stitch Therapy - I really miss not being able to hop in the car and drive up to see them

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