Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring in central Virginia

Spring has sprung in central Virginia, so I'm looking out my window at...

NOT this
 But THIS...

Yes, that's a lone yellow pansy blooming in the first picture. It seeded from the ones that we planted last fall.

The second picture is a portion of our backyard. Yard is a misnomer, there are 6.875 acres of trees and .125 acres of weeds grass. As I was taking the picture the tyrants cats snuck came out to wander around the deck.
Spot, Trouble and Salem's Grand Adventure

They're indoor cats, so this excursion, while nothing like those of the Ginger cats, was pretty exciting. I was surprised that they weren't having fits about their feet being wet and cold, but it didn't seem to phase them and I had a difficult time getting them to come back in.

Really Absolutely nothing to report on the stitching front this week, didn't touch my commute piece, didn't pick up Grandfather's Sleigh, didn't finish the ibis and papyrus section of Egyptian Garden. Maybe I'll have some progress pictures later today or tomorrow (I'm going to a doctor's appointment with the Hubs tomorrow as he can't remember anything anyone tells him - especially if it has anything to do with things like diet and exercise!)

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