Saturday, April 2, 2011

Another month...

Funny, I was thinking the other day that March was certainly a long month, now it feels like it went by way too fast. Stitching wise it was definitely too short. I started out like a bat out of Hades, but really slowed down.  My March goals were:

EGYPTIAN GARDEN-Finish outer border Done
-Cat block Done
-Columns Done
-Ibis and  papyrus section almost... But I did do the thin border above the columns and start the last faraway palm border, so maybe it evens out.
-Stitch band 3 No
-Stitch band 2 No again
-Finish and another No

*sigh* Not a very good month. I am, as I've mentioned repeatedly, having a terrible time working past my block on Egyptian Garden and that's creating havoc with all my other stitching. With that thought in mind, my goals for April are:


That's easy enough. And hopefully those weren't famous last words.

While I haven't done much, I do have some progress to show.  First, Egyptian Garden:

Even though I should clean house today (my parents are coming to visit this week) I think I'm going to work on this and see what I can get done.  And there, I'll have met my goal for April!!!

Next is:

I've now got more than the center crease to worry about getting out. I roll this up when I'm not stitching as I don't want to permanently set the crease, but it lives in my work bag and gets crushed, so I'm setting additional creases. The blank spots in the lower windows will be candles - the kit came with the cutest little star charms for the flames. There will also be a wreath on the door. The Hubs is having some health issues, so I may get a bit done on these as I'm waiting in doctor's offices. Yes, I go with him, not because he needs help, but because he doesn't remember what the doctor's tell him. He was over-medicating himself a while back because he forgot the part where the doctor said to stop taking one of his medicines and take another instead. I might understand if he were 81, but he's only 41!

And last, but not least:

Not a great picture, but it wants to roll up so I had to take the picture in the rolling process.

One more piece of fabric in the mail this week. The Mourning Dove for Sarah Elliott's Home Port came in. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but I felt sort of "eh" when I saw the fabric. There's a slight grey cast to it, but my mind apparently thought Mourning Dove should look totally different than it does.

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