Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long weekend update #1

I managed to find lots of things other than stitching to do yesterday. The stitchy bug finally bit around 6:30 and I stitched until about 11:00. Here are my before and after photos:
I still haven't quite figured out what this border is, but the colors are pretty and it fills the space nicely. I still need to fill in those gaps you see, add some trunks, backstitching fill in, and some backstitching. Hoping to have a finish on this part today and then, onto the pyramid.

A couple of my bummers from yesterday's post have been lessened.  "They"'ve agreed on a budget, but it still has to be voted on. If it doesn't pass than we'll go through this all again on Thursday (they agreed on *another* continuing resolution). It will be interesting to see what was cut. The program I work in was scheduled to be zero funded in fiscal year 2012, so will see if they grabbed it early. Fortunately, I do have a few options if that happens.

And it seems some of DDad's heart problems may have been worsened by one or more of his medications. The doctors have been changing and adjusting dosages and his heart beat and rate seem to have settled down. He still has to see a cardiologist and a pace maker may still be in his future, but they're not talking about transferring him directly from the hospital and he may go home today. And his pneumonia is almost 100% gone.

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Mouse said...

ooo you have worked hard :) hope they sort the budget thing out .. seems there are a lot of folk having the same problems :( glad to hear your dad is better and they can do something with the medicines hopefully rather than an op :) love mouse xxx