Saturday, May 28, 2011

Vacation Day 2

I have finished about half of the items on my "Hope to get done while on vacation" list!  So far, none of them have taken as long as I thought which makes me wonder just why I haven't finished them before!!

Ran lots of errands this morning, except for a perscription for the Hubs that we can't pick up until Tuesday, I don't have to leave the house for anything more this week! One of my favorite errands is buying the flowers for the planters on the deck. I'm really late this year and wasn't sure there would be much left, but I found some nice plants and hope to have them all potted up this afternoon.

I bought two impatiens baskets. One for this little stand :
 and one for the corner:
It's a bit smaller than this space needs, but the colors work well here, so I'll ignore the size issue. No, I don't know what the pottery thing is, the in-laws bought it in Egypt many years ago and gave it to use when we moved here. Hmmm, looks like I need to add wash the glass to my to-do list...


 Will go in here:
 The Hubs made this for me a couple of years ago, it lets me get a lot of color in a fairly small space.

Will be here:

And this is for the cats:

No, not the weeds in the pot but the cat mint.

In between all the list items, I did stitch yesterday. I've completed to here:

I hope to finish the short border tonight and start on the ibis/papyrus section.

And I got a shipping notice from ABC Stitch! The fabric I ordered back in March(?) finally came in and is on its way to me. I need to go back in my notes, but I believe the fabric is for two BBD patterns.

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Lisa said...

What pretty flowers you got, your house is going to look lovely.
Nice progress on EG.