Saturday, August 20, 2011

An August Saturday Morning

Not the most original post title, but the brain is running slow today. I do need to ramp it up a bit as I have a lot to do the next couple of days. I'm traveling again next week. I fly out Monday for two days of training in Alabama - giving not taking last count was 63 attendees so should be lots of interaction, then fly to Atlanta to spend two days standing at a booth at the Fire/Rescue International Conference - it's actually put on by the International Association of Fire Chiefs. I've got the floor plan for the exhibit space and it may take me all of the two days just to find our booth!! I fly home Sunday morning and back into the thick of things on Monday. Anyway, the Hubs seems to think he's helpless when I'm gone don't know how he survived as long as did on his own if that's true, so I'm making extra casseroles this weekend, so he'll have something to eat even though I know I'll hear "There's nothing in the house to eat" around Wednesday... And somewhere in between the cooking and cleaning, I've got to get myself packed for two very different events and make it all fit in one suitcase.

As this is a stitching blog, I'll talk about stitching. I didn't get too much done this week, but some progress is better than no progress.

I did finish part 1 of iStitch's SAL:

Stitched on 30-count R&R Reproductions Espresso with HDF's Cloud silk thread
There was progress on BoaF mystery although it's not really a mystery anymore:

Despite it looking like the picture I posted in my last post, there actually is progress. The red flower on the lower right side now has berries, two leaves and some red on the flower yes, it took me a week to stitch just that. By the time I got home at night it was all I could do to stay sitting upright, never mind stitch.

I did a little more stashing this week. A.C. Moore has DMC on sale for 5/$1.00! And if that wasn't wonderful enough, a coupon for 30% off total purchase popped up in my email Thursday, so that works out to about $.14 per skein! I finished kitting up Cricket Collection's Three Gables, Elegant Pumpkins from the latest Just Cross Stitch, Calling Birds from the Christmas Preview and By the Full Moon from last year's Halloween issue.

I had a weird cut (8"X26") of PTP's Haunted in my stash and it's the perfect color for By the Full Moon. I just have to decide which end to cut. One end is more dark green/grey/purple with the other having more purples and some white. I'm leaning towards the purple end, but may do both and then I'll have one to give to DSIL.

The difference shows up much better in this picture, but the colors are more true in the previous one.

And just to prove that they're not always brats of course they did start fighting just after the picture was taken - someone must have breathed wrong:
Trouble and Spot napping


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I prefer the purple end for that chart, who's the designer? I love black cats too. Our time-share cat has been round every day this week. I think her owner is on holiday so she's lonely! Owner's Dad feeds the cat so she's not hungry just wants fuss!

Susan said...

Jo, it's an Ink Circles design from the 2010 Just Cross Stitch Halloween ornament magazine.

Siobhan said...

Good for you, stocking up on the DMC at that price! Man but I miss coupons! LOL Your WIPs look great!

KarenV said...

Cute kitties! Nice progress on your WIPs too, the HDF Cloud is a very pretty colour choice.