Sunday, August 28, 2011

I Leave for a Few Days and...

We have not only an earthquake but a hurricane! Honestly not sorry I missed either one. We had no damage from the earthquake but MIL and her husband were only a few miles from the epicenter and had lots of breakage - no structural damage, but pictures knocked off the walls, dishes out of the cupboards, etc.   We had a large tree come down and the power was out for a few hours due to the hurricane, but again, no real damage. But FIL and his wife live in Virgina Beach and they had some water damage and little bit of wind damage. All in all we were all very lucky. I have not heard from DS who lives in New Hampshire. When I talked with him last night they were moving all the items on the lower shelves onto higher ones as the store he works in is very close to a river and they've had flooding before. I was hoping he might have the day off so that he wouldn't have to drive 45 miles in the weather, but they were still scheduled to open today.

Had a good trip, if anyone is looking for beautiful beaches to walk along, I highly recommend the Orange Beach/Gulf Shores area of Alabama. I didn't get to see a lot of it as I was training, but there were miles and miles of white sand beaches. Then on to Atlanta for the Fire-Rescue International conference. DNephew the fireman/emt would have been in heaven and I told him that if I go next year, I'll take him with me. I've never seen so many fire trucks, ambulances, rescue vehicles in one place. The show went well considering our display and handouts didn't arrive. Seems they didn't make it out of the office before the earthquake and when the building was closed the next day, no vehicles were allowed in or out so when we arrived in Atlanta on Thursday, our display was still sitting on the loading dock in Washington, DC. Since we can only ship two day delivery, we told them to not send it and went into panic mode. Fortunately, there was a FedEx Office store in the convention center and we could print some handouts and make a few displays for the table.

I didn't get any stitching done while gone, but I did do some last weekend.

Here's where I started on Hawaiian Garden Mandala:

 And here's where I was when I finished stitching Saturday night:

And here's my progress on BoaF mystery:


Julie M said...

Beautiful stitching!! Love that mandala!

Glad you had no serious damage from either event.

KarenV said...

Your Hawaiian Garden Mandala is looking gorgeous! Those turquoise shades are beautiful, what a lovely piece.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love those turquoises in Hawaiian. Gorgeous stitching.