Friday, September 2, 2011

Just Yakkity Yakking...

No pictures this post, just yakking. Suppose I should start with a recap of my August stitching. I know I cut way back on my goals from July, but I still didn't do too well.

My goals for August were:
  • Finish part one of BoaF Almost
  • Stitch on Chatelaine's Hawaiian Garden 5 nights Sort of
Not very good at all. I have a few leaves, some berries, the red flower and the center in the flower left to finish part 1 and I really should be able to get that done this weekend. I didn't stitch five separate nights on Hawaiian BUT I did spend more time on it than I would have if I'd worked on it five separate nights. Actually I think I'm going to give myself a "yes" on that one.

In addition to the posted goals I started and finished part one of iStitch's mystery SAL.

For September:
  • Keep up to date with iStitch's mystery SAL
  • Finish part 1 and start part 2 of Birds of a Feather mystery sampler
  • Five hours on Hawaiian Garden
I may be able to get a lot of these done this weekend. It's Labor Day weekend and I normally have a long 3-day weekend, but after all the travel and craziness at work the last couple of months, I took today off also. I do have a few chores to do, trimming the grass around the house is at the top of the list, but none of them will take a huge amount of time, so plenty of time for stitching. And the other great thing is college football season starts this weekend, so lots of good stuff on the television the next few days.

I've started making plans for next year's stitching, oh I'm a great planner, just not so great on the execution sometimes. Anyway, Measi  over at Measi's Musings is hosting WIPocalypse 2012. It's a great SAL with very flexible rules. I was planning to work on WIPs next year, but it's a lot more fun with others. Only thing that I really have to remember to do it post my WIP progress on the new moon. As I'm doing that with the TUSAL, I think I can remember for the new one.

Hopefully I'll have a plethora (love that word but don't get a chance to use it much, sort of like aardvark - my favorite word but it doesn't come up in everyday conversation too often) of progress pics in my next post.


Siobhan said...

I'm behind on blog reading but enjoyed my catch up! Your Hawaiian Garden is beautiful! I'm going to have to look into the WIPocalypse though I'm thinking that after doing the Crazy January challenge, I might just be foot loose and fancy free in 2012.

Have a great weekend!

Measi said...

Thanks for joining up, Susan - I look forward to seeing your progress next year! :)

Siobhan - come join us! Absolutely no rules. Just celebrating your progress on whatever you feel like working on. All you need to do is post your progress on the full moons each month,.

Rhona said...

I'm exactly the same about planning and exectutuion. If I could just execute the way I plan, then I would accomplish sooo much!
Hope you get lots of stitching done over the weekend!