Saturday, November 26, 2011

No Stitching but TUSAL

This long weekend is turning out to be a bust for stitching.  By the time I got everything done on Wednesday that I needed to get done, I was too tired to do much stitching.  We headed to Virginia Beach early Thursday morning and instead of stitching (I did take Lizzie*Kate's Socks &Underwear: Santa 2010  with me (and I did get a smile from your misread Mouse)) I read mail and a couple of magazines.  Thanksgiving was fun, but it was different having small children around again and I will be honest and say, I'm really glad I'm past all that!  We stayed in VAB for Friday as DFIL's family wanted to do their Thanksgiving with everyone, so we spent the day outside (it was sunny and about 70) and talked until well after dark.  I did do some Black Friday shopping and bought a very nice artificial tree at Home Depot yes I do prefer a real tree, but with the cost and mess I have come to appreciate the artificial ones.  We got home this morning and I"ve been cleaning and getting the "bones" of the decorating done.  The details will be done over the next few weeks.  Unfortunately, I am feeling like I"m coming down with something - achy, sore throat and stuffy - I really do have too much to do at work this week to be sick, so hopefully it's a quick thing.

Well, that was definitely the "no stitching" part, so here's the TUSAL part:

The green fluffy bit is frogging from Birds of a Feather mystery, there's Hawaiian Garden, Socks & Underwear: Santa 2010 and bits from iStitch's SAL.  Daffycat has opened sign ups for TUSAL 2012 and you're not required to put your container in your lunch for photographs - I was having hummus and pita chips and the chip bowl was convenient.

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