Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unofficial IHSW update

Thanks again for all the kind comments.  I'm a rather isolated stitcher, so it's nice to hear from other stitchers.  March Ann, I really do like this area.  For me the biggest plus is that it's rural but only a skip to Richmond or Fredericksburg and then on to DC.

I didn't officially participate in IHSW this month, but I pretty much hermit and stitch every weekend, so I'll claim unofficial participation.  Let's see, I got through the rest of this season's Dr. Who - I sort of figured out the "surprise" ending a few episodes ago, but it was still fun to watch; all of this season's Warehouse 13 - didn't see *that* ending coming; and, one full episode and the first part of a second of Whitechapel - this is a new to me series and one I really enjoy.  Oh yeah, I also saw the first episode of this season's Primeval.  I realize that my "this season" is not everyone's "this season" as these shows are mostly British imports and folks in Europe probably saw them years ago.  Anyway,

I'm sure you all didn't click over here to read about my television habit which isn't as bad as it sound as I don't watch any during the week, so it all gets saved up for the weekends and I was terribly behind and I don't really watch as much as listen, except for Whitechapel, that one did require a bit more attention than most so here's what I accomplished:

First up is Tree of Stitches:

I finished up the algerian eyelets, french knots and stared the rice stitches.  The picture is dark, but this is done on a piece of Silkweaver's opalescent Ocean with an unknown NeedleNecessities thread that reminds me of autumn leaves.

Next is Hawaiian Garden:

Definitely a volcano now.  This is easily the most colorful piece I have stitched in a long time.  Most of the blank spaces are filled with beads and Petite Treasure Braid, so this section will really sparkle!

And last but not least, Birds of a Feather mystery:

I did something I almost never do and changed the colors a bit.  The house is charted with Weeks Dye Works "Straw" but I thought a bit of red inside the border would balance out all the red in the border, and I like red houses, so I used Week Dye Works "Brick" (rather appropriate I thought) instead. 
Sort of busy weekend coming up.  I'm waiting for cakes (one flourless chocolate and one carrot) to cool so that I can frost them - they are my contribution to tomorrow's Thanksgiving feast.  We'll be in Virginia Beach at DSIL's sister's house.  I think we're coming home Friday, but that's not decided just yet.  I do need to figure out what stitching I"m going to take with me, probably Socks & Underwear, but that's not decided yet either.

Happy Thanksgiving to those celebrating and happy weekend to everyone else.


Mouse said...

ooooo like the red house and can't wait to see the volcano sparkle and I had to read your last sentence twice ... thought it said "I don't know whether to take socks or underwear with me or not hahahahaha" missed out the stitching bit have a happy thanksgiving :) love mouse xxxx

MarchAnn58 said...

Stitching looks great. Take care Susan and have a great Turkey day.

Midge said...

Your stitching is beautiful and I think the red works well for the house.
Whitechapel is a great show isn't uit. We are on series 3 here in the UK so plenty coming your way
Happy Thanksgiving.
H xx

Giovanna said...

Nice progress on all. Happy Thanksgiving!

Veronica said...

Love your stitching. It's stunning. Tree of stitches is coming along beautifully and your Hawaiian Garden... Wow!