Saturday, November 24, 2012

One More Post

I hope those of you that celebrate had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our turkey was done an hour and a half early causing a bit of stress while trying to get everything else ready and on the table.  I don't know why I was surprised as it seems to have become a tradition for it to be done significantly earlier than the recipes all call for.  I have had the same problem in three different ovens, so it's not the oven.  I have used different roasting charts, so it's not the directions.  I have even called the turkey hotline and used their directions - still early.  Of course, as soon as I factor in the time difference, it will take two hours longer.

I took last week off, except for Friday, and had a very relaxing time.  I even had a good time at work yesterday as it was VERY quiet and I got a lot done.

I did some stitching last week - one I can't show right now and one I can.

Here's my progress on Chatelaine's Japanese Octagonal Box:



Hmmm, not a lot of progress but every stitch counts.  I haven't looked at my cards to see what will be on the stand this coming week, but as the day is fast coming to a close, I suppose I should take a look.

I am still mulling my 2013 project list.  Nicola at Stitching By a Cornish Seashore is hosting a Scarlet Letter Challenge next year.  While I love Scarlet Letter charts, I do not have any in my stash and I am on a stash diet so won't be buying any, but I will definitely be watching every one's progress.


Nicola said...

I have the opposite problem with chickens, they always take much longer to roast than the cook books advise. ?!?

Giovanna said...

I love seeing your progress on the Japanese box, it's so pretty.

Siobhán said...

Fantastic progress! I am the worst at figuring out timing as far as getting stuff out on the table. In the end, I resolve that some of the things will just have to be heated up, and that means none of the guests can be fussy. LOL

Gray Bonnet said...

This design is beautiful--I've never seen anything like it! And your stitching is lovely, of course!

Dani - tkdchick said...

Wow I always forget how pretty this piece is!