Saturday, May 18, 2013

A rainy IHSW

The weather here in my little corner of Virginia has been variable to say the least.  I understand that spring is changeable but it has been more changeable than normal the last couple of weeks.  The forecast for this weekend is for rain and thunderstorms which make it a perfect IHSW!  Another no pressure SAL, all you have to do is sign up here, and sit back and stitch.  Easy right? 

Before I pull out my Just Nan's Enchanted Swans for IHSW, I have a finish and an almost finish.

My finish is Waxing Moon Designs' Summer Sparrow.  You'll get to see this one twice as it is my ornament for this month so will be posting it the last Wednesday of this month too.

She/he is stitched on 28-count Summer Sky Jobelan with Gentle Arts Sampler Threads.  It's not my normal style although I really couldn't tell you exactly what my style is but it is one of a seasonal series and I am a sucker for those.

My almost finish is Twilight of the Tsars by Dimple Designs.

I spent last weekend finding and filling in all those stitches that I missed during the main stitching phase.  All that is left now is backstitching three different backstitching charts - one for each of the three colors used and beading.  I had thought of keeping this on the frame and pushing for a finish, but just was not in the mood for all that backstitching.  I should have a finish when this next shows in the rotation.


Catherine said...

Great stitches!! I really love the Twilight of the Tsars ~ beautiful!

Peggy Lee said...

Beautiful work!

Annie said...

Lovely stitching!

Dani - tkdchick said...

I can't wait for your Tsar happy daync!!!

Deb said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Looks fantastic, even with out all the "fussy stuff".