Saturday, May 11, 2013

TUSAL and a bit more

It's TUSAL time again. Just a fun SAL - if you haven't heard of it or are interested in joining, you can check it out here.  Here is my contribution to the SAL:

Yep, pretty pitiful, but there is a story to it.  The other day I looked out the window in the den and saw a pair of Carolina wrens.  One appeared to be keeping guard, the other was scurrying all along the feeder station.  I could not figure out what they were doing until the scurrying one turned sideways and I saw little bits of fluff in its bill.  Seems it was picking the raccoon fur from around the mounting brackets and screws for the hangers we unintentionally feed a raccoon - at night it climbs up the feeder station pole (despite all of our efforts) and eats the sunflower seeds and leaves little bits of fur that the birds like, so I took the ORTS from my jar and put them on the feeder station to give them a few more choices.

All the ORTS are from Waxing Moon Designs' Summer Sparrow.

Waxing Moon Designs' Summer Sparrow
Stitched on 28-count Summer Sky Jobelan with Gentle Art Sampler Threads
This is one of a freebie series that is available here.  This is my ornament for this month and I am hoping to have a finish today weeks before the posting date - I know I shouldn't get used it but it is a nice feeling.

My primary stitch this week was Chatelaine's Serengeti. I said last week that I saw a lot of beading in my future.  I was only partially right.  I finished up the beading fairly quickly but that little medallion in the upper right corner?  That took hours and there is still a lot left to do and the best part?  There are three more!!!  When I eventually finish this medallion, I think I will start part two as a sort of reward.

Chatelaine's Serengeti
Stitched on 32-count Summer Sky Jobelan with recommended fibers and beads


MarchAnn said...

Beautiful ,the beading look great, makes her stuff doesn't.

I am in Carolina pines till early tomorrow instead of till next Saturday and love your neck of the woods. My nieces and her new Hubby have someone else to critter sit after all.

Anne said...

Oooh I'm so glad you are stitching Serengeti! It's such a stunning and detailed Chat!!

Pull the other thread said...

Lovely progress on both. I'm sure your feathered visitors will make good use of your orts for a nice cozy nest.

Julie said...

Love your Chatelaine piece.

Anne Marieke said...

Good grief, Serengeti is beautiful.

Great idea to give your orts and ends to the birds.

I saw some blue tits 'stealing' some of our Luna's fluffy white fur from our cat enclosure. I bet it makes great nesting material.
I hope the cats don't catch the birds at it.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a nice use of your ORTS, they must have a lovely colourful nest.

Deb said...

WOW!!!! Serengeti look fabulous!
We had a baby raccoon climbing up the kitchen window screen one night.... They are inventive when it comes to hunting for food. Nice of you to donate your orts.