Monday, April 11, 2011

Long weekend update #3

While I should have been outside picking up branches and things that were blown from the trees during the windstorm a couple of weeks ago, I decided to stay inside - none of the stuff that's in the yard is going anywhere on its own - and stitch. As before, here is my before and after:

Hmmm, that "after" picture is really washed out. Oh well, professional photographer is DSon's job, not mine.

Not sure how much stitching I'll get in today as I'm going with the Hubs to a doctor's appointment, but whatever I do will be on the pyramid. Back to what passes for normal tomorrow.


Crystal said...

Great progress, hope all goes well at the Dr.s

Rhona said...

Great progress, it looks really gorgeous. What a difference in the colours of the two pictures!