Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Smalls SAL check-in and more

I'm a little late for the Smalls SAL.  Heather at Stitching Lotus hosts this SAL.  It's very easy to participate, pick a small (you get to decide what "small" is), stitch it and post on the last Thursday of the month.  I have been stitching blocks from The Sampler Life's SAL, but I still haven't picked colors for the March block, so I picked up Plum Street Samplers 12 Days of Christmas and stitched Seventh Day.

Here's the entire piece:

I will get back to The Sampler Life SAL this month, as I do need to catch up.

I spent Thursday evening filling in the missed stitches on It's About Time and have another column finish.

Two more columns and I will have a page finish. I am getting much faster with this style of chart, but I am still looking at years to finish a project - Glad I like my HAED charts.

Friday evening I worked on Shakespearean Fantasy and got to here:

I may be able to finish the column next time I put this one on the frame.

Just Nan's Christmas Soldiers was on the frame for the weekend.

A few more holly leaves, poinsettias and filler stitches were added.  There is one more poinsettia before the bottom of the stocking.  This is stitching up faster than I thought it would - still plenty to do, but I may have a finish in the next couple of months.

No week night stitching for the next two weeks as I have to go into the office every day to attend two training programs - they will finish off a certificate program I have been working on for a couple years, but all that commuting will have me worn out.  I was able to reschedule my compressed day off to a week from Monday but I have an early appointment so won't get to catch up on my sleep too much.