Friday, November 30, 2012

Bits of This, That and the Other

I have been remiss in welcoming and thanking my followers.  I really do appreciate that you take the time to read about my little corner of the world.

While blog reading, this caused immediate drooling caught my eye at the Bush Blog:

Hang a Shining Star from Sam Sarah Design Studio
Unknown Fabric and WDW fiber
I did a search and realized that I saw the release notice back in October.  It is charted to be stitched on WDW Morris Blue which seemed a bit bright at least to me for the piece

so I skimmed right over it.  It is amazing what a change in fabric can do for a piece.

Measi of Measi's Musings has decided to continue the WIPocalypse for 2013.  It's a fun, no stress SAL, so if you're interested click on over, sign ups should be open soon.  

On the stitching stand this week was:

Papillon Creations' Eightsome Reel
Stitched on 28-count Chai Tea Jobelan with a HDF conversion
I am so close to a finish on this, three rounds and a medallion, that I think I will keep it on the stand for the weekend rather than switch to the next piece in my rotation.  I'm not sure how much stitching time I will actually have, The Hubs is having major surgery on Monday, so I am prepping some pieces for finishing and kitting a small piece so that I have something to do in the waiting room and also for whatever time he's in the hospital. I don't imagine I will have too much time for stitching or finishing once he is home as he is the worst patient and will keep me running. And NO there will be no bell given to him for summoning purposes!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

One More Post

I hope those of you that celebrate had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Our turkey was done an hour and a half early causing a bit of stress while trying to get everything else ready and on the table.  I don't know why I was surprised as it seems to have become a tradition for it to be done significantly earlier than the recipes all call for.  I have had the same problem in three different ovens, so it's not the oven.  I have used different roasting charts, so it's not the directions.  I have even called the turkey hotline and used their directions - still early.  Of course, as soon as I factor in the time difference, it will take two hours longer.

I took last week off, except for Friday, and had a very relaxing time.  I even had a good time at work yesterday as it was VERY quiet and I got a lot done.

I did some stitching last week - one I can't show right now and one I can.

Here's my progress on Chatelaine's Japanese Octagonal Box:



Hmmm, not a lot of progress but every stitch counts.  I haven't looked at my cards to see what will be on the stand this coming week, but as the day is fast coming to a close, I suppose I should take a look.

I am still mulling my 2013 project list.  Nicola at Stitching By a Cornish Seashore is hosting a Scarlet Letter Challenge next year.  While I love Scarlet Letter charts, I do not have any in my stash and I am on a stash diet so won't be buying any, but I will definitely be watching every one's progress.

Monday, November 19, 2012

IHSW Recap

This is my IHSW recap post.  Unfortunately, I planned rather poorly as I can't show you what I worked on as it is a Christmas gift, but I made great progress and with some luck there will be a finish tonight or tomorrow.

For a stitching photo you'll have to read my previous post, but what's a blog without a photo?  So here is one of my favorites of the critters:

from the wall:
Spot, Trouble and Salem
This is an older photo as they don't wear collars anymore - Spot figured out how to take hers off and then figured out how to take the others off so after a day or two of putting them back on, just to have her take them off again, still have not figured out how she worked out how to open the clasps we decided to leave them off.

Saturday, November 17, 2012


Yes, it's International Hermit and Stitch Weekend (IHSW) but this is not my progress post,  I will actually be participating and not just drooling over every one's projects for the first time in four or five months and will be posting my progress on Monday.

First, thank you everyone for the compliments on my finish.  Holly was really a fun stitch.  I had a long weekend and stitched away very happily on Chatelaine's Mystery XV and The Nutmeg Cottage's Gingerbread Collection Parma Violets.

I am very happy to report that I have another finish!!  Okay, the stitching is finished, I have not even read all the directions to turn it into the cute little house that will hang on my tree sometime in the future.

Here are the finished parts of the cottage:

I have some unexpected time off in the next couple of weeks and hope to have some time to finish-finish this.

And here is the before of Chatelaine's Mystery XV - Deep Blue Sea

And this is where I was Sunday evening:

Chatelaine's Mystery XV
Stitched on 32-count Summer Sky Jobelan with DMC and Rainbow Gallery's PTB
I did do a bit of additional stitching but as it is a gift, photos will have to wait.

I have this coming week off from work and have lots planned which means I will get almost none of those items done but lots of other things.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Unexpected Finish

Thank you all for the thoughts as Hurricane Sandy made her way up the east coast.  We were very fortunate, we were just far enough south to miss the worst of it.  Lots of wind, lots of rain, lots of flickering lights but no damage other than a couple of leaks but we think we've found the spot and are fixing it this weekend and the power was never off for long enough to even require us to reset the clocks.  My heart goes out to everyone that was in a more direct path of the storm.

Having a bit more stitching time than I had expected this week, I was able to finish Mirabilia's Holly

Here she is before:

And here she is finished:

She is stitched on 32-count opalescent Antique White Belfast with DMC.  I switched out the called for Kreiniks for Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid and the Mill Hill beads for Delicas.  I also changed up the back stitching and beading on the wings from the called for greens to silvery-blue as I wanted a frosty look. 

 I am going off my rotation for this week as I want to start and hopefully finish a Christmas gift or two and will start back on it next weekend when The Nutmeg Company's Parma Violets will be back on the frame so to speak - I finished a piece in my rotation and added this one to the list so it has two slots as well as Chatelaine's Mystery XV - Deep Blue Sea.