Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Smalls SAL check-in and more

I'm a little late for the Smalls SAL.  Heather at Stitching Lotus hosts this SAL.  It's very easy to participate, pick a small (you get to decide what "small" is), stitch it and post on the last Thursday of the month.  I have been stitching blocks from The Sampler Life's SAL, but I still haven't picked colors for the March block, so I picked up Plum Street Samplers 12 Days of Christmas and stitched Seventh Day.

Here's the entire piece:

I will get back to The Sampler Life SAL this month, as I do need to catch up.

I spent Thursday evening filling in the missed stitches on It's About Time and have another column finish.

Two more columns and I will have a page finish. I am getting much faster with this style of chart, but I am still looking at years to finish a project - Glad I like my HAED charts.

Friday evening I worked on Shakespearean Fantasy and got to here:

I may be able to finish the column next time I put this one on the frame.

Just Nan's Christmas Soldiers was on the frame for the weekend.

A few more holly leaves, poinsettias and filler stitches were added.  There is one more poinsettia before the bottom of the stocking.  This is stitching up faster than I thought it would - still plenty to do, but I may have a finish in the next couple of months.

No week night stitching for the next two weeks as I have to go into the office every day to attend two training programs - they will finish off a certificate program I have been working on for a couple years, but all that commuting will have me worn out.  I was able to reschedule my compressed day off to a week from Monday but I have an early appointment so won't get to catch up on my sleep too much. 


Heather said...

I hope you find some stitchy time they look great!

Linda said...

Awesome progress Susan. Take care the next 2 weeks.


Justine said...

Better late than never! I hope you come back to your stitching soon.

Justine said...

Better late than never! I hope you come back to your stitching soon.

Robin in Virginia said...

Seventh Day looks good as do your WIPs, Susan!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on your Smalls and Huges this month!
Nice to see the 12 Days getting an outing too.
Shame about the lack of stitching time over the next two weeks though. Lunchbreak project?