Monday, August 1, 2011

July Recap, August Goals and Annual Goals Update

Let's see, for July my goals were:
  • Finish part one of BoaF No
  • Stitch two rows on Christmas Elegance Never even pulled it out
  • Finish Lizzie*Kate's Socks and Underwear - Santa 2010 No again
  • Finish-finish the last four Secret Needle Night projects YES!!!
  • Finish parts 3 and 4 of Tree of Stitches Stitched 3 or 4 additional eyelets...
Looks like that puts me squarely in the "Did Not Meet Expectations" category.

I suppose I should be a bit more realistic for August:
  • Finish part one of BoaF
  • Stitch on Chatelaine's Hawaiian Garden 5 nights
Yes, I think that's going to be it for August.

I have redone my 2011 Goals. My brain still hasn't figured out that I no longer live 2 miles from the office and that my stitching time is significantly less than it was so my original 2011 goals were much too optimistic.  My updated goals are over to the left there. They're still a bit optimistic, but one does need to stretch a bit.

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Mouse said...

mmmm think you do need to re do your goals or move nearer home or not work altogether hehehehe... seriously though it isn't a race and we stitch for enjoyment otherwise we would get bogged down with need to do this this and this .. take care and happy stitching :0 love mouse xxxx