Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Good Week

My birthday week was a roaring success.  Lots of relaxing, lots of reading and lots of stitching were done and I have renewed my obsession interest in Midsomer Murders.  I caught the odd show when A&E was still doing sensible television I think they show NCI-take-your-pick-of-cities and Law and Order 24/7, but was never able to watch it consistently.  One of my birthday gifts came with a free month of "Amazon Prime" which includes lots of free streaming videos, so I started with Season 1 and am working my way through.  I doubt I will be able to finish the entire series before the end of the month, but I checked and Netflix also carries it so I should be able to get "caught up" if watching 15 or so seasons all in a row is considered "catching up". I have only once, so far, figured out the mystery before the grand announcement, but it is fun to watch the "gears turn".   As much as I love the show, I always have the same question, "How is there anybody left alive in that town/county?"  And when you throw in Inspectors Morris and Lewis  and how many others that don't get aired in the US and it's amazing that there is anyone left alive in England at all.  I suppose anyone watching US crime drama would say the same thing about us, I mean Jessica Fletcher of "Murder, She Wrote" had to start traveling to continue solving murders as there just weren't enough people in Cabot Cove, Maine to keep a series running very long.

The only thing we weren't able to do was get out on the boat. The wind this week wasn't terrible but it was steady and kept the Small Craft Advisories up all week they're supposed to calm down tomorrow or Monday.  But as I mentioned stitching took place and I am very happy with my progress.  Debbie Mumm's Summerhill House was on the frame.  Here is what it looked like when I started:

And here is where it was when I took it off the stand on Thursday:

Debbie Mumm's Summerhill House
Stiched on 28-count Bluebell Jobelan from Wichelt with recommended DMC
There is a little bit of cross stitching left, lots of backstitching, and all those gaps are beaded and well as beads in the trees and scattered here and there it wouldn't be a Mill Hill pattern without beads would it?. I am hoping to have a finish the next go 'round in the rotation.

Yesterday I started Chatelaine's Mystery XV - Deep Blue Sea. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped as I got a late start, but I am pleased with what I did get done.

Chatelaine's Mystery XV - Deep Blue Sea
Stitched on 32-count Summer Sky Jobelan from Wichelt with Martina's DMC conversion
The colors are really off on this one just like they are with every photo I take no matter with overhead, daylight bulb or real daylight

Japanese Octagonal Box is on the frame for this coming week.


milly said...


Happy belated birthday!

I had to laugh at your observation about the UK'S mystery tv. You wouldn't want to live in a village over here lol!

Love your Debbie Mumm project it's so colourful.

Your Chatelaine piece is beautiful!

Giovanna said...

Your WIPs are all lovely! Many Happy belated Returns for your birthday.

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

I love reading your blog, you are always so funny! Loving those colours on the deep blue sea -

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Glad you enjoyed the Birthday week.

Yes, every small village in England is a hotbed of crime and murder LOL. I could send you our local paper but you'd fall asleep over such stories as "Hole in Road Mended". Yes that was a genuine story complete with a photo of the mended hole!

Great progress on your house stitching. Have you tried scanning your Chatelaine? I sometimes find the colours are better than with my camera. Either that or use a "low-light without flash" setting, you need a steady hand for that one!

Julie said...

Happy belated Birthday.
Laughed at what you think of Mid-Somer Murders.I always say the same.Its a wonder there's any one left and what with that spooky music at the beginning.

Nice stitching.I don't think i've seen Deep Blue Sea before.Be nice seeing this one grow.

Joysze said...

AHAHAHAHAHA, Susan!!! I say the same thing about Midsomer!! Where do they get so many ppl to kill in that little town?? ROFL. We just finished Foyle's War. Great show too.

You got so much done on Summerhill. Looks great. The blues in DBS are scrumptious!!!!

I'm playing catch up again......!!!!!! ;)

Maureen said...

Your wips look great!

I have to admit I have never watched any of Midsomer Murders even though I've always had a soft spot for John Nettles since his Bergerac days..

Mangogirl said...

happy birthday :D and gorgeous stitching :D

Siobhán said...

LOL--I'm laughing at Jo's comment. Irish newspapers are similar. I still laugh when I remember the articles in the paper about a seal swimming up the River Finn and Fungi the Dolphin out along the coast--that such articles even made the news is amazing. I haven't watched Midsomer Murders but my neighbor loves it. I love crime dramas/mysteries so must look into it.

Beautiful stitching! Love that Debbie Mumm piece. Happy belated birthday, too!

Brigitte said...

Your week sounds terrific - reading, stitching and watching shows on TV - can there be better weeks? Lol. I also love crime and mystery shows and particularly the ones that are set in rural regions of GB. Wonderful. And yes, Jo's comment says it all, lol.
You have some great WIPs on the go. I'm so curious to see the Mill Hill project finished.

Catherine said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday! As you can tell, I am behind in blog reading! Great stitches!