Saturday, November 16, 2013

Starting IHSW

Are you ready to stitch?  It's a IHSW weekend! Care to participate?  Hop on over to Joyce's blog and sign up.

I have dinner in the slow cooker (and a slow cooker meal for tomorrow also), laundry in the washer and dishes done, so all I have left to do is.... STITCH!!!!

Santa's Magic is on the frame so will continue with it as I am still enjoying it.  Here is where I am right now:

I will also be stitching on the next part of Mary's Sampler when it comes out tomorrow.  I have been able to keep up with this one which is a huge surprise to me and with only two more parts I may actually finish it this year.  Here's where I am with this one:

I made a slight counting error on the angel on the left, so had to do a little artistic redesign to make the stars fit correctly.

I did have a finish this week, but it's my monthly ornament, so will hold off showing until the "grand reveal" on the last Wednesday of the month for the ornament SAL.


Catherine said...

Beautiful stitches!

Chris said...

Lovely progress this week Susan!