Sunday, March 16, 2014

March WIPocalypse

There's a full moon which means no not werewolves it is time for my WIPocalypse post (this will be very picture heavy).

2014 WIPocalypse    is hosted by Measi.  If you click on the dragon badge you should be taken straight to the information page.  This is my third year participating and it has been a wonderful incentive to work on my WIPs.  This year topics have been added for each month and this month's topic is to show my favorite stitching place.  My favorite place to stitch is this:

From the balcony of the Hilo Hawaiian Hotel in Hilo, Hawaii
However, my reality is:

This is my corner of the den.  Everything is right there within easy reach and I can see this:

With a slight turn of my head to the right I sometimes see this:

but more frequently it is this:

And that is my stitching place and my computer place and my storage place and the cat's bird watching place.

As I mentioned last month, I have four projects left from my original WIPocalypse list:

Mirabilia's Santa's Magic:

In February it was here:

And as of today, it is here:

Kayann's Kreations Elegant Doily went from here:

To here you really have to look to see the additional eyelets that were done on the left side:

Thanks to an unexpected day off from work, With Thy Needle and Thread's Three Tulips had the most progress.  It went from:


And a final showing of Chatelaine's Serengeti, that went from here:

To here:

Yes, this is going to be the last showing of Serengeti for a while.  I have put Chatelaine's Secret Victorian Garden into the rotation as it is closest to being finished and I am hoping to either finish or get it very close to finished before the end of the year.  So from now on, you will see:



Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Thank you for reminding me I need to take some photos of my stitching place!
I love the display of cats on the windowsill, they obviously enjoy the view... of the birds.
Great stitching progress, looking forward to the "new" Chatelaine in the rotation.

Ingrid Senger-Perkins said...

I like the Serengeti. Might have to put that on my Wish List!

I didn't take a photo of my stitching place. Maybe for my next post :)

Looks like you have been busy!

Linda said...

Great progress on all your projects. Love your stitching corner.


Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Gorgeous stitching :-D

Chris said...

It is nice to see your stitching spot. It looks like you have good light during the day.
Great progress! You are getting really close to finishing 3 Tulips!

Von said...

You have a great place to stitch! And what a great amount of stitching you've done! :)

Anonymous said...

Everything is looking great! Beautiful work, and love the view out the window!

Rachel said...

Wonderful progress! I love your view of the bird-watching kitties :)

Dani - tkdchick said...

LOL you even have a blankie for your kitties to sit on while watching the birdies!!!!

Great progress this month!

Marcy said...

Love that Santa. I think I have him in my stash someplace.

Scrapbrat1 said...

Your projects are amazing! That Elegant Doily is just spectacular. And I love the kitties looking out the window!

SoCal Debbie said...

I loved the pic of your "wishful" stitching spot on the balcony! I'm really admiring the organization on all your shelves. What a perfect view out the window, and I see the cats agree!

Your Chatelaine stitching is amazing and you made great progress on Three Tulips!