Saturday, February 21, 2015

February Stitch from Stash update

As DSon said, "This map tells me one thing... it's COLD!!" Lake Ontario doesn't look frozen over, which we both found strange, but the prevailing winds may be pushing the ice away from shore (or maybe it's a strange shadow) but brrrrr covers the rest of it.  Our high the last couple of days has been significantly lower than our normal low. Today's forecast is for the ever popular "wintery mix" (snow, sleet and freezing rain). I am just glad I did all my running around yesterday and am safe and warm inside today. I am traveling tomorrow for work, heading to Washington for the week, so I do hope it makes the change over to rain earlier than expected as I really don't want to drive to the airport in ice.

Before I head out for the week, it's time for February's
update. Mel at Epic Stitching hosts SFS and started the challenge, and it certainly can be, to help us all put a bit of a curb on our stash spending. We get $25 (or your currency equivalent) each month to spend on new stash. If you don't spend it all, you can roll the balance over to the next month so by the end of the challenge, you could have $150 spending spree. We can also earn some extra money for finishes but I am not taking advantage of that portion.  So, for February:
Carried forward: $25.
February Budget: $25
Available: $50
Spent: $0
To March: $50
I had one new start from stash this month: 
Janie Hubble Designs contribution to The Sampler Life's Yahoo Group SAL
I also stitched on several WIPs but the only one that had any progress since I last posted pictures is Shakespearean Fantasy. It went from here:

 To here:

If you look really hard, you can see green!! Yes, I finally stitched something other than black or dark navy blue.

I hope to finish the Janie Hubble piece this afternoon and put Holly and Hearts back on the frame for this evening.


Linda said...

Great progress Susan. Good job at no spending.


Caitlin D said...

Lovely progress. And a wonderful job on your budget!!

Robin said...

Your WIPs look good! Congratulations on no new purchases!

Robin in Virginia

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Well done on the zero spend. I had two vouchers so only spent a little bit over zero!
I love the Janie Hubble and dreamily want to start that one in order to keep up with the releases!

Leonore Winterer said...

Well done on your zero-spend, and great progress on your HAED. It's nice to finally see some actual color in there :)

Anonymous said...

Holy smokes, the Shakespearean Fantasy would have me cross eyed! Great job!!