Monday, June 12, 2017

A Little Stitching and Crafting

I seem to have settled into an every other week blogging schedule (with the frantic "I'm LATE!! SAL check-in post thrown in for good measure) and I think I can live with it until I get myself settled again.

I haven't been to good at sitting myself down and stitching since my last post, but that is a recurring theme.  I do have a finish to start off with!!

is Carnation by Cross Stitch It and is part of The Sampler Life Mystery SAL.  I think it needs beads, but can't decide what color or where.

My next stitching piece is A Glimpse of Santa. The windows are almost done and you can see a glimpse of Santa:

Most of the stitching was done the weekend of the 10th.  I spent this past weekend paper
crafting (my other obsession hobby) a card for DNephew's wedding.  I made a grand mess in the dining room testing out inks, papers, shapes and designs.  I ended up with two finished cards but decided on this one:

It's called a triple heart easel card. The hearts are obvious, and when you turn it sideways, so is the easel. 

Plain old white cardstock and lots of bits and bobs.  To add that something extra, the little gold flowers were from the bouquet I carried in DSister's (mom of DNephew) wedding.  Yes, it actually does fold flat.  Well, as flat as something with all the dimensional things can.  I already have ideas circling for DNiece's card - which is good as it's going to have to be really something to beat this one. 


Robin in Virginia said...

Susan, what a fabulous card you created for your nephew's wedding! Congratulations on the block finish for the Sampler Life SAL! It turned out great. You made nice progress on the stocking. Stay cool!

Pull the other thread said...

Stunning card!!! Lovely stitching as well.

Leonore Winterer said...

I always love your stitching, but that card is absolutely amazing! Great job.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

The Carnation block is gorgeous, probably one of my favourites from the SAL. Don't yell at me, but the diagonal line of blue stitches in each corner motif would look good as gold beads!

The wedding card is just stunning, such clever construction and beautifully embellished too.

phann son said...

Happy Anniversary wishes to your parents, Susan! What super pictures you shared!