Monday, March 19, 2018

IHSW Round Up and TUSAL

So, I had Saturday and Sunday to stitch.  Minimal interruptions and Cadfael queued up on Britbox so what did I do?  Completely frittered Saturday away doing I can't remember what and spent most of Sunday morning making a packing list for my trip.  I didn't sit down to stitch until almost 1:00 Sunday afternoon.  Thank goodness dinner was in the slow cooker or I would have lost a lot more time.  Needless to say, I did not have the progress on Goldie that I would have liked, but have only my inability to focus to blame.  I did learn that the only place more dangerous than semi-modern Midsomer was/is 12th century Shrewsbury Abbey and its surroundings.

While I didn't live up to my expectations for an IHSW, there was a fair amount of stitching done.

On Friday Goldie was here:

and right before I took it off the stand it was here:

I almost forgot my TUSAL post.  TUSAL is hosted by Sharon at It's Daffycat.  If you stitch, knit, crochet or do any sort of craft you have the raw materials to participate in TUSAL - scraps and snips.  Save all those bits that you'd normally throw away and every new moon post a photo.  Why? Because everyone needs an excuse for a pretty jar.

Okay, so maybe this photo is more an excuse to showcase Trouble again, but you can see the ORTS in the jar.  You can also see the not so yellow flowered meadow.  The current forecast will have the meadow white by Wednesday afternoon or evening.  They're predicting a snow storm starting anywhere from now until sometime Wednesday with anywhere from 0" to several feet of snow.  Okay, they haven't said feet, but the constant coverage on the television would make you think so.


Robin in Virginia said...

Good progress on Goldie! Trouble is a cutie. Safe travels and enjoy the retreat.

Daffycat said...

Great ORTs and your helper is a total cutie.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Great work on Goldie, especially filling in more of the background.

Have a wonderful time at the retreat too.

deb said...

Ah, yes - Shrewsbury was a dangerous place! (love Cadfael...)

You may not have gotten in nearly the stitching time you'd planned, but you made excellent progress on Goldie. How nice of Trouble to help show off your orts.

Leonore Winterer said...

Lack of focus can be a serious problem...I think it's the reason why I sometimes make more progress when I have little time to stitch than when I have a lot! Still, Goldie looks great, and Trouble very well behaved for once.