Saturday, July 2, 2011


It's July, which means the year is half over! Where in the world is the time going? I know where the next two weeks are going - holiday!! For the first time in better than 10 years, I'm taking two weeks off in the summer! I'm going to a family reunion (my Dad's side) on the 9th in Michigan, but other than getting there, back and spending a few days with my parents and my sister and her family there is NOTHING on my to do list. I am soooo looking forward to the time off.

Lots of stitching stuff this post...

First on the list, my recap of June. My goals were:
  • to finish two more rows on both Santaberry Pudding and Just Nan's Christmas Elegance
  • finish part one of With thy Needle & Thread's Birds of a Feather Mystery Sampler.
Hmmm, well I finished stitching Santaberry Pudding and mailed it off to Jill for framing, did nothing on Christmas Elegance and did not finish part one of BoaF. I'm not sure the finish balances the other two, but I'm not really stressing over it.

Next, goals for July:
  • Finish part one of BoaF
  • Stitch two rows on Christmas Elegance
  • Finish Lizzie*Kate's Socks and Underwear - Santa 2010
  • Finish-finish the last four Secret Needle Night projects
  • Finish parts 3 and 4 of Tree of Stitches
Big goals, but I've got lots of time this month famous last words!

Next up, a FINISH!!

Holiday Joys
Homespun Elegance
27 count linen
DMC floss
Other than a counting error that was fudged into okayness, and leaving off the year and my initials, this is as charted.

Next is a start. Lizzie*Kate's Socks and Underwear - Santa 2010 I'm doing one for DS, DNephew and DNiece. I'm deciding between flat-folds and cubes for the final finishing.

Socks and Underwear - Santa 2010
New Khaki Lugana with DMC
Last but not least, my progress on With Thy Needle & Thread's Birds of a Feather mystery sampler.

Karen at Wasatch Needlecraft is having a 4th of July sale. The pattern for this:
was listed on the sale page and when I clicked to see it, she had the option to buy the fabric and threads at a reduced price (reduced more for the pattern), so being the weak person that I am when it comes to stitching temptation, I bought the "kit".

Phew! I'm worn out just from typing! I'll probably post progress pics throughout the week, but no long-winded major up date for a while, but of course, it is me and one can never tell.


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I love the sweet little candles in the windows!
Sales are irresistible aren't they

wendy111 said...

Lovely post - love seeing all your work. The birds were too lovely to resist and a sale is too good to ignore.

Mouse said...

woo hoo on the finish :) and gorgeous progress photos and stash ahhh well we can never have toooo much stash
love mouse xxxx