Saturday, July 23, 2011

On the Road Again

Yes, I'm on my way away again. This time Burlington, Vermont by way of Concord, New Hampshire. I'm driving to Concord tomorrow, having dinner with DSon, a good night's sleep and then on to Burlington for three days of training. I'll reverse everything on Friday and Saturday. I've got a list of places to stop while I"m there, the bead store in Concord, ABC Stitch Therapy in Grantham (there's a quilt store right next door but I don't remember the name), King Arthur Flour, Onion River Co-op and a few more. I'm planning to stop into my old office although I think everyone will be at the training and have lunch with a couple of friends. Aside from the drive, anywhere from 10 to 12 hours depending on the traffic, I'm looking forward to the trip.

No progress on Socks and Underwear-Santa 2010, but there is some on BoaF:
I may finish the straight portions of the border today, but I do still have to finish packing, so I'm not sure how much stitching I'll get done.

Oh, I have new stash!!

Salem and Spot picking out their favorites
 Mom is slowly getting rid of her stash as she's just not stitching anymore and she gave me all this when I saw her in Michigan. Try as I might, I couldn't get a picture without cats in it! It was all nice and neat prior to the cats picking out their favorite pieces. Salem picked as his favorite, rather appropriately, The Cricket Collection's Three Gables (pattern, fabric, overdyes and buttons). Spot chose Lizzie*Kate's Not a Creature was Stirring (pattern, fabric and 4 of the overdyes). There is also a couple of skeins of Perle cotton, a Dimension's Christmas kit, a Lavender & Lace pattern (don't remember the name and it's all put away) and a piece of orangy/rusty fabric.

And two of my orders from Karen at Wasatch Needlecraft  arrived:
The third part for BoaF and part one of Blackbird Designs Loose Feather's Summer. The fabric is large enough for all three patterns. The threads are for part one only. I do hope that some of them can be used in later parts. I have one more thing coming from Karen, that may be here today, but it is just too HOT to think about walking to the mailbox to check. The heat index when I left work yesterday I work in Washington DC was 121! It was so hot and humid, it hurt to breath. There was a little breeze but all that really did was make it feel like walking in a convection oven. Today is supposed to be worse! As I said back in May, please remind me in January or February how hot it was this summer.


Ineke said...

Lovely picter of the cats picking theif favorites. Your new stash looks great, especially the Loose Feathers.

Mouse said...

awww they picked lovely pieces :0 and love the new loose feathers .. this is on my to get list once got enough pennies :)love mouse xxxx

Rachel said...

I hope you enjoy your time in Burlington, it's such a beautiful city. I go over quite often, and someday hope to make it over to ABC Stitch since it's not too very far.

wendy111 said...

Nice stitching and nice stash! I love your helpers! Enjoy your trip, especially the little side trips. I often order from ABC stitch.

Siobhan said...

Great pic of the cats picking through your stash! ;) Nice progress on your stitching, too. Safe travels!