Saturday, February 26, 2011


Is, if yesterday's weather is any indication, going out like a lion! Thunderstorms! Who has thunderstorms in February? and wind?!?! OMG the wind was horrible, maybe not as bad as last weekend's but I wasn't walking from my office to the train station in it last weekend!!!

I'll do my February wrap-up posting later - when February is over. I've still got 3 days to do a few things left on my stitching to-do list. I can *hear* you you know - quit the snickering!!!

I did finally sit down and work on Egyptian Garden Sunday and Monday last week - hard to remember/believe that Monday was a holiday and that's a very sad statement. Anyway, here's my progress through Monday evening:

Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine
Stitched on 32 count Belfast Sand linen

There are a few more cross stitches to add but it's mostly speciality stitches left to finish. TONS of eyelets and rhodes stitches. I don't mind them, but they do become a bit boring after about the 15th one.

Stashy stuff should be appearing in a my mail box next week! Karen at Wasatch Needlecraft sent out my Blackbird Designs yesterday, Sarah Elliot's Home Port is on back order, Stitching Bits and Bobs sent out my first order yesterday (mostly fiber, but a couple of charts and the BBD book) sans the Summer Sky Jobelan and my last order (fibers for my Market orders) is "being processed". I was a bit upset by that as I'd asked them to combine orders for me as they charge ridiculous shipping charges - I'm sorry, it's thread it doesn't weigh that much and I know you have to pay for envelopes and packing and charging exact shipping is a pain but others do it. I know if I was that upset I"d take my business elsewhere and I threaten all the time but I do have to watch the pennies and she has really good sales (of course so does Drema at Needlecraft Corner) but I really dislike her website and lack of a shopping cart. 'kay enough of all that! I've got stash coming and life is good!!!

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