Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy May Day!

No, we don't do anything special for May Day, but I remember as a girl making baskets from paper strips and picking dandelions from the yard and "sneaking" them to my mother - mostly by leaving them on the porch, ringing the bell and "hiding" where she couldn't see me - like she couldn't see my sister or me when we hid under the covers on their bed 8-)

I did another stash buy yesterday. I adore The Nutmeg Company's little houses and am totally blown away by this one scroll down to "It can be complex...", I have these four - scroll down to  "Sweet Gingerbread Houses" and this one from the "Weekend Cottages" collection, so after a quick peek/update of the finances, I ordered the other three.  If this order is anything like my previous ones, I should have them in about a week -yes, I get orders from the UK faster than I get them from the US store I order from and in the case of these, much cheaper even with the exchange.

I suppose I should post my April recap. My goal for April was to stitch and despite a slow down the end of the month, there was progress on one piece and one piece only - Egyptian Garden. Here are my before and after photos (April 2nd on the left and April 30th on the right):

That thread I thought I was going to run out of? I have this much left.

The black case is my Gingher snip, it's about 4" long.

My goals for May? I am going out on a limb with finish Egyptian Garden. I'd like to start stitching on the train home again, but I'm not going to make that a goal, more an "if it happens...", as I'll feel compelled and then it won't be relaxing, which is what I need on the way home. My non-stitching goal is to comment more on the blogs I read.

And completely unrelated to stitching, isn't this the cutest lunch tote?
It's from Igloo and is totally insulated and has a zipper top, the tag said it would hold a six-pack, I'm not sure of that but there's plenty of room for my breakfast, lunch and various snacks I take to work. I have been using a Vera Bradly lunch tote for the last few years, but I'm trying to eat more fruit and veggies and it's tough to get more than one apple into my VB bag along with my yogurt, oatmeal, etc., so when I saw this at the grocery store the other day, I grabbed it.

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