Saturday, May 7, 2011

Stashy Goodness and Some Stitching

First, thanks for all the comments on my previous posts. Trouble is currently lording it over the other two that *her* picture has been on the blog more than theirs! Darn cats and their egos!! So to keep some peace in this household, here are pictures of Salem and Spot...
Brother to Trouble and Spot. He has green eyes and a very thin tail.
 We think his dad may have had some Siamese in him
Spot, yes Spot, she has a spot of white on her right back paw.
Sister to Salem and Trouble. Yellow eyes just like Trouble
We usually call her" Dot" or "Spotty Dotty" as DSon mentioned that "Spot" was not really a girl's name.
As I predicted in my post last Sunday, my "weekend cottages" kits arrived yesterday! Less then one week from order to delivery and there was even a nice handwritten "thank you":

Weekend Cottages from The Nutmeg Company
(back - l to r) Summer in Sussex, Autumn in Stratford on Avon, and Christmas in East Anglia
(front) Easter in the Cotswolds
These are great kits (just a very happy customer) they come with everything except scissors - even the pieces of plastic canvas that support the walls come pre-cut. These are small, about 6.5cm (2.5") when finished, but that's the perfect size to sit on my computer at work so I can dream of where I'd like to be my office is in the basement and is despite large windows a bit dark and sometimes dreary.

I have another order that is finally winging its way to me. According to the update site, it was shipped Thursday, so will probably be here Monday or Tuesday - today if all the planets and stars line up correctly.

Egyptian Garden you ask, or maybe you don't, but here's the latest update pic:

Egyptian Garden by Chatelaine
Stitched on Sand Belfast (yes, the photo is washed out)
If I can remember correctly, which is questionable most of the time, I finished the beading of the pyramid (shows up fairly well here), filled in the "water box" and started whatever type of Egyptian plant that is. This weekend I hope to finish the whatever flower, the cat (over-one and I've got a bad case of "allergy eyes" right now so that will be a challenge) and start the outer border.

My DDad is back in the hospital - I think he has something going on with one of the nurses, I mean three times in six weeks? The pneumonia in his right lung is now almost cleared up but his heart rate went down to 49 yesterday - which is, I suppose really great if you're a marathon runner, but DDad's definitely NOT. There was talk of a pacemaker early on yesterday, but as of last night the discussion was that his sodium level is extremely low and that that's the problem. DSis and I were talking of stopping in the local farm supply store and picking up a salt lick for him, but not sure he'd appreciate that. Actually, given DDad's sense of humor, he probably would...


Mouse said...

ooo nice shots of the other two furbabies .. love the progress :) nice to dream keep doing it :) and loved the salt lick .. apparently you can get (green and blacks I think it is) chocolate with a hint of sea salt ;)that might be a wee bit better love mouse xxxx

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Love all three of these - the cottages, the Chatelaine and the black cats. I have a thing about black cats! Have you seen my time-share cat on my blog today?
I'd like to make one of the cottages but it might be a bit of a dust-gatherer in my house!

Midge said...

Your work is exqisite!! I love the updates on the Chatelaine. The salt lick made me laugh and I am going to suggest salted caramel tart for dessert - much nicer and easier to get in the fridge.
I hope you Dad gets well soon.

Siobhan said...

I'm sorry about your dad--I hope he is better soon!

I love your Chatelaine! I have one of the earlier mysteries as a UFO and kick myself everytime I see it, that I didn't stick with it. They are such works of art.

Your cats are adorable! We had a cat named Trouble, who now waits for us at the Rainbow Bridge. She was such a great cat.

TeresaB said...

First I hope your dad is feeling better soon! Although maybe he and that nurse....

You're Egyptian Garden is just beautiful! You've been inspiring me to pull one of my Chatelaine UFO's out and see if I can't put some stitches on it. I can't wait to see yours all completed.

Lisa said...

Your Egypt Garden is looking stunning. Each wip of your's I see of this makes me want to start mine even more, but I promised myself no new BAP starts this year. You've got me thinking that I might HAVE to schedule it as my 1st Jan 2012 start lol.