Saturday, December 24, 2011

Final TUSAL - 2011

WOW!  I actually kept up with this!  I am so completely amazed! I am a wonderful planner, I am not; however, wonderful at following through.  It's not that I don't try, I just tend to underestimate how long things really take and overestimate how much time I have which explains the *cough**mumble**cough* or so WIPs. 

As you can see, Santa has arms and the start of pants.  There is still a very good chance that he will be finished before the end of the year bet you thought I was going to say "Christmas" didn't you?  I probably would have, if I hadn't just made the underestimation statement. 

As far as the TUSAL, there are bits of Santa 2010, Hawaiian Mandala, Tree of Stitches, and Birds of a Feather mystery in there.

Thank you to Daffycat for hosting.  If you're interested in joining a just for fun SAL jump on over to her blog to join in TUSAL 2012.


Mouse said...

whayyy hey he is looking good :) and just may be he will be finished soon :) hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a merry stitchy new year :)love mouse xxx

Siobhan said...

LOL--hey--look at it is as if you're ready for next year! I think it looks great. I am SO with you in terms of underestimating the amount of time stuff takes to stitch. In my head, I think a week. In reality, it's usually a month. LOL

Hope you had a good Christmas!

Joysze said...

Santa's looking great. Cheering you on for a year end finish. :D