Friday, February 3, 2012

February Already!

I am definitely getting older as every new month I hear myself say "Where *is* the time going?" just like my Grandmother used to!  Oh well, I worked hard to get to be this old and I'm going to enjoy every second of it besides 50 is the new 40 right?

Anyway, not as much stitching as I thought this week, I worked from home for the majority of the week and the thought of not having a 5 hour round trip commute and all the stitching time in the evenings was heavenly BUT it seems that my mind can no longer handle more than an hour free time in the evenings and I could not really settle myself down to do much stitching.

I worked on Papillon Creations' Eightsome Reel.  I started this one as a commute piece but had major issues with stitching in hand on a piece this size and I really do not like the thread I'm using an HDF conversion and while I know lots of people just love these fibers, I am having a really difficult time with them

Here's where I was the beginning of the week:

And here's where I stopped last night:

Eightsome Reel from Papillon Creations
Stitched on Chai Tea hand-dyed Jobelan with HDF
The before photo is a much better representation of the fabric color than the after.

I'm planning to start a Mill Hill Button and Beads kit from 2006 today.  I'm going to stitch six of these side-by-side on one piece of fabric.  I'm rather excited to see how my village looks when it's done.

Carriage House Samplings Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow will be pulled out tomorrow or Sunday for its round of stitching.


Catherine said...

Your progress looks great! Isn't it funny how sometimes when we have extra time, it gets away from us?

Joysze said...

Ooooh, lots done, Susan. One of my fronds stitched this awhile back and it's such a beautiful piece. :D

6 mill hills side by side. I'm intrigued. :D

The time thing... Yeah. I feel it too. I tell my mom that I now understand when she used to say all the time that she wished she had a few mo hours to her day....

Nicola said...

Wow - a five hour round trip commute, how often do you have to do that?

The Eightsome Reel is so pretty and you are making very good progress.

Have a good weekend.

Mouse said...

gosh you got a lot done and cooo that's a wonderful fabric colour change there
hope you have a wonderful stitchy weekend :@) love mouse xxxxx

Giovanna said...

Very nice progress! It's a beautiful design.

Siobhán said...

Wow, great progress! LOL about the time comment. I find myself saying that more and more--it must be the age! LOL

Patches said...

Wow what a commute. I like the look and feel of hdf but they really knot on me. More than anything else I've ever used.

Mangogirl said...

great progress :D