Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mega-Mini Month Madness 5 and Small SAL check-in

That is probably the most unimaginative post title I have ever come up with, accurate but blah. Titles are the hardest part of a post for me, I suppose I could just as easily put Post 1, Post 2, etc but that's pretty blah too. 

I really can't believe how quickly the time has gone by, two weeks from today I will be back in the office (assuming the doctor gives me the go ahead).  The total lack of work stress has been amazing, not only physically but mentally too.  I knew I was stressed and heading for burn-out, but really didn't realize how close I was.  I did have all intentions of teleworking during my recuperation and had planned to be almost back to full time work this week and next, but there was a change to our mobile access software that can only be installed when the computer is connected directly to the system, which given the number of people that are remote employees makes absolutely no sense, so I am unable to connect to the work network and therefore, no work at all.  Fortunately, my new boss understands and told me she wasn't sure why I was so worried about it as I was supposed to be getting better.  I was so shocked as that attitude is so different than what I have been working with the last seven years - so my question of whether the new division will be better?  Yeah, I'm pretty sure it will.

Anyway, I have two SALs to check-in for today.  Before I do that, have you seen the new SAL that By the Bay Needleart is hosting next year?  I haven't stitched many of her designs but do have a bunch in my stash.  I really like her style and color choices.  You can see the new piece here and here is a little bit of information from her blog:

"If you remember I mentioned long ago that I have been designing a 36 inch tall cross stitch scene.
I have been working on this design for a few years. Always making changes. 
Well I finally finished it and will be offering it as a year long project. 
If you choose to participate you will be emailed a 3 inch by 11 inch section once a month to stitch. 
There will be a blog that you will be invited to publish on and share your photos.
 I still have to think of cute names and create the blog, the design is finished as a chart but of course I have not stitched it myself. We can do this project together. 
The cost will be $7.00 per month. You must sign up for the 12 months to complete this project and at the end I will be sending out to you a special  thank you kit made just for this class."

No connection, etc., etc., just a very tempting piece.

Back to my SALS.  Pull the Other Thread hosted Mega-Mini Month Madness.  Stitch on small(s) and post photos of your progress each week of October.  I didn't stitch solely on smalls but I did manage to finish two.

First an update of The Nutmeg Company's Fondant Icing.  I took an afternoon and evening off from stitching and finished all the little pieces I showed in my last post into this:
Front and side
Back and the other side
 Makes me want to pull the other kits out and get busy on them.

I was also able to finish She Tends from Shepherd's Bush's She Tends leaflet.

Heather at Stitching Lotus is hosting the Smalls SAL. A fun SAL that focuses on smalls of all types.  Fortunately, actually finish-finishing them is not a requirement.  There was a definite cross over of the Smalls and MMMM SALS so the above two pieces are doing double duty this month.  I will be continuing with the Shepherd's Bush leaflet so there should be three more pieces coming in the next few months.  I have some finishing ideas rolling around in my head but will have to see what other ideas I come up with.

I also worked on Lizzie*Kate's Holly and Hearts Sampler this week. It looked like this the last time I showed it:

and today it looks like this:

One picture I will get an accurate photo of the fabric, it is really pinkish with blue and purple bits in it (much prettier than I am describing). 

Just Nan's Spring in the Air is on the frame and after a couple more episodes of Inspector Morse (apparently the only place more deadly than Midsomer is Oxford) I should have the over-1 pansies finished but that progress picture will have to wait for the Just Nan SAL check-in.


D1-D2 said...

That little house is the cutest thing ever. It will look amazing once you hang it up for Christmas :)

Anonymous said...


Lovely stitching, the house is amazing!

Suz said...

Congrats on all of the progress.

And that house! It's absolutely fantastic. Great job on that wonderful finish!

Justine said...

Your house is wonderful! Love it and the LK one too. Your new boss sounds really promising. I wish more employers would realise that if they treated employees as people they would inspire loyalty and better work.

Blu said...

That house looks amazing!

Jan said...

I love the house! It is just too cute.

Linda said...

That house is gorgeous. Congrats on all the finishes and nice progress.


Wendy said...

some lovely progress there, the house is fabulous! I won't be joining in with that stitch along though, that works out as $84 for a CHART!!!

Rhona said...

Oh that little house is just amazing! Love it, love it, love it! :)

Preeti said...

Your house is sweet and beautiful :) good progress on your other projects.

Pull the other thread said...

I LOVE that little house. It is so cute and your stitching on it is beautiful. Great stitching on all your projects. Glad to hear your work is accommodating you.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad you managed to avaid severe burn out...way to many people suffer from that nowadays, and as unfurtunate as being home sick sounds at first, maybe it was just what you needed.

On another note, this house is about the cutest thing ever, I love it!

Tamara said...

I LOVE that house!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I absolutely adore your little house, now I really want to drop everything and start mine!! I just love everything about it, it's perfect.

The By The Bay sounds interesting but I don't think I could stick to it. I think my resolution will be NOT to start any new SALs without finishing the ones I am already in!

Your new boss sounds thoughtful too, I am sure you will be happier when you do go back.

Diann said...

I like Fondant Icing very much!

Shebafudge said...

All you stitching looks wonderful. I love your little cottage in particular. xx