Saturday, February 24, 2018

February Smalls Check-in

It's time for February's Smalls SAL check-in. But before I get to that, Trouble, Salem and Spot are rather upset that I have been giving the guest cats more attention here than they've been getting. So to right that here's a picture of the resident cats:

The two black lumps are Spot (on the left - if you look very closely you can see the white spot on her foot that gave her her name - that and I thought it was funny to call an almost solid black cat "Spot") and Salem (on the right) and Trouble is in the bed in the front.  And yes they have their own chairs.  A couple of years ago, The Hubs and I bough new desk chairs.  We couldn't get to the dump right away, so we pushed the old ones to the edge of the room.  Weelllll, the cats started sleeping in them and the chairs haven't made it to the dump yet.

I do have to talk about the guest cats a little.  I have been stalking checking the rescue group's website to see how the girls were getting along and on Thursday it showed that Molly was adopted.  One big sigh of relief and now huge crossed fingers that Olivia finds her family soon.

So onto Smalls SAL check-in.  The Smalls SAL is hosted by Heather at Stitching Lotus.  This SAL is the main reason I have any finishes throughout the year.  I tend to be a BAP stitcher so anything that reminds me that small is good too is for me.  This month's piece is By the Full Moon from Ink Circles:

 It's stitched with DMC on a mystery piece of hand-dyed fabric although I am positive it is from Picture This Plus.

And before I forget again - if you're in the Richmond area and have a few hours the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts is hosting The Terracotta Army: Legacy of the First Emperor of China until mid-March.  I went a couple weeks ago and am going again next Sunday.  I have seen a number of television shows on the topic, but to come around the corner of the main exhibit hall and actually see them stopped me in my tracks.  They don't allow flash photography so the photographs aren't particularly good but give you an idea:

and here's a close up of one of the faces:

I may have watched too much Scooby-Doo when I was a kid, but it was not hard to imagine them stepping off their display podiums and walking out the door.  And if the warriors aren't your cup of tea the museum has an amazing Faberge (I can't get the ' over the "e") and Russian Decorative Arts collection - including five Imperial Eggs.

Zen is still on the frame and I hope to get some quality time with it this afternoon/evening and tomorrow.


Pamela said...

Wonderful Halloween Small!

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Your three cats look very content. I read about the exhibit in our news - it said that someone had broken a thumb on one of the warriors. I hope your other little one gets adopted very soon.

rosey175 said...

Hah, I would guess all cats should be named "Trouble". Ours are always named after food though lol. I can understand the chair thing. We have some weird plastic tower thing that I had used for storage several years ago but it's a bit past its prime... Makes a great kitty condo now lol.

I love that small! Those tails are quite long.

The terracotta army is fascinating. My husband and I both enjoy going to museums so it's great way to share long talks about weird things haha.

Mary said...

Your Halloween finish is really cute.

Robin in Virginia said...

Sweet picture of the cat trio, Susan! Congratulations on your smalls finish; it turned out darling! Thank you for the chuckle over your Scooby Doo comment.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Great Halloween piece - we're hoping to see the Terracotta Army in Liverpool

Elfie said...

Your cats are charming, and your stitching is lovely. I saw the Terracotta Army display yeats ago when it was in Sydney Australia, and I remember it so well. It was the most amazing experience. I am so pleased to have seen it.

Mary H said...

What a great post giving your "slice of life!" The Small is very cute, so are your cats-they look so cozy. I would LOVE to see those eggs! Thanks for sharing!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I am glad that you identified the black cushions as cats!
Nice work on the ornie, love all black cats, even ones that disguise themselves as cushions.
Your museum has some great exhibitions, well worth paying a visit.

Daffycat said...

Excellent Halloween finish! LOL @ “Spot”...that’s perfect! Molly’s adoption is really good news! I imagine Olivia will find a home soon as well. I would LOVE to see that exhibit! It’s one thing to see a documentary but nothing beats actually seeing it!