Saturday, May 12, 2018


I have made great progress on my stitching the last week.  I just need to attach the beads to one piece and finish stitching one letter on another for finishes.  Unfortunately, I can't show you either one right now.

Instead of showing you what I am currently working on, I thought I'd show you what I have worked on in the past and not finished.  I got the idea from Jan when she commented she'd like to see my Flower Power.

So, I'll do a few now and a few later and eventually you'll see all of my WIPs.  I will make a tab up top to store them all, but right now, just here.

Since Jan asked, the first piece will be Crossed Wings' Flower Power

The fabric color at the top is more true than the bright bit at the bottom.  I'd say my craptastic photos are because of being in a hurry, but it's mostly that I just take bad photos.  This is done on a 28-count (I think) blue.  It sort of looks like Nordic Blue from Wichelt, but I honestly don't remember the name.  I'm using the called for DMC.  The insects and hummingbird beaks are over-1.  I started this as a SAL on RCTN back in the dark ages of the stitchy internet world.  The fabric was too long for the largest pair of scroll rods I had at the time, so I'm stitching it on it's side, so the bottom is on my left when I'm stitching.

I think I'll just put the three that I mentioned in my last post, so Rebecca de la Tour's The Heavenly Kiss is next. 

I had more of this done than I thought.  It's on a 28-count black evenweave with DMC - all in shades of grey, white and black.  There is splash of gold, but that is the only color.  I bought it fully kitted from the designer and thought myself very brave to do something on black. 

And the last one for today is Floral Welcome from Cross My Heart, Inc.  I don't know who the actual designer is as I can only find my working copies and not the actual pattern.

Hopefully you get the idea on this one as Blogger insists on turning it on its edge.  This is stitched on a white 18-count evenweave (probably an Aida) with DMC and lots of gold Kreinik.  It was originally charted vertically, but I needed it to be horizontal to fit the space I was stitching it for.  This was one of the first pieces that I didn't stitch EXACTLY as the designer called for.  Biggest issue for this one is that it was meant to go over the door between the living room and hall in my house in New Hampshire and I moved from there almost eleven years ago.  I am going to finish it as I really like it, but not sure where it will fit in this house.

There you have it, three of my seventeen non-Chatelaine, non-HaED WIPs.  I will post the others over the next few weeks.


Robin in Virginia said...

Beautiful WIPs, Susan! I really like the Flower Power piece. I hope you have a great weekend.

Jan said...

Yay! Thanks for posting Flower Power. It looks lovely and I really love the hummingbirds. Have this in my stash. I'll have to start it one day myself.

rosey175 said...

That fabric for Flower Power is wonderful! (!!!) And I still think stitchers are brave (or at least patient) to stitch on black hah. Floral Welcome will look amazing no matter where it's displayed~ :D

Leonore Winterer said...

Those are lovely, thanks for sharing! Flower Power looks like it's not even that far off from a finish. I love the bright flowers on the dark blue fabric.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see some older WIPS! I am planning my Longest Day Marathon, care to join me? LOL