Monday, July 1, 2019

No Cross Stitching

Hello to anyone still paying attention to this poor, neglected blog.  I do appreciate you checking back every so often.

So since the beginning of June, I've been to Denver, Colorado and Davis, California both for a week each for work.  Both were very relaxing and I feel like we accomplished a lot.  Next trip is the end of this month, but that will be a personal trip to Michigan for my dad's family's reunion and general visiting.  I don't think I travel for work again until September.

Work has finally calmed down as they figured out that I shouldn't be doing all the supervisory things that I was doing without the official paperwork so they farmed it out to upper management.  I'm back to doing just my loan work and am very much more relaxed and happy.  Realizing how stressed I was doing the other job is definitely making me think twice about applying for the job once it's finally advertised.

As the post name says, I haven't done any cross stitching this month, but I have been doing needlework.

Jack's needlepoint Christmas stocking is now here:

This is just before I rolled the frame up -

And here's where it is right now:

I'd like to get everything down to the heel done by the end of next weekend.  The snowman head and body should be pretty easy as they're big blocks of color

In addition to needlepoint, I've been crocheting.

I finished one baby blanket:

and started another:

This colorway is called "Seaglass".  The bluey places are much greener than showing here.  I took this with me to Davis.  Remember when I said I had a relaxing trip?  When I put this in my suitcase, I only had the white and a couple rows of greenish-blue on the left done.  Seems being relaxed is good for progress.

Once I get these done, rather than going back to my regular rotation, as I'd planned way back in January, I'll be doing more baby things.  DNiece told me this weekend that she's due February 5th!!  The family is beyond happy and we can't wait to meet the new family member.

And that's about it.  Hopefully, I post sooner than a month from now, but maybe if I aim for once a month, I'll post more often.


Robin in Virginia said...

Good to see your newest post, Susan! While you didn't have any cross stitch to share, you still did some 'needle' work. Jack's stocking is coming along great. Congratulations on getting one afghan finished and the 2nd one started! Glad to hear that things are settling back into a normal routine for you with work! Enjoy the coming week!

Rhona said...

The stocking looks wonderful. The baby blankets are gorgeous too.

Clare-Aimetu said...

Lovely stocking and blankets, nice to read work is settling down a little

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Nice to see a post from you. Love the bright colours in the needlepoint. That is going to be stunning!

Nice crochet too, always good to have babies to craft for.

Leonore Winterer said...

I'm glad to hear your work is finally calming down a little! If you apply for the job officially, will you still have to do it on top of all your current responsibilities?
You made some great progress, both on the stocking and the crochet. I never tried the c2c pattern before, but it does look fun :)

Astrids dragon said...

Glad things have calmed down at work for you. Sometimes being a peon is much easier!
Even though it's not cross stitch, your needles have been busy! The stocking is coming along beautifully, such pretty colours.
The finished blanket is lovely and the second one is looking good too.