Friday, November 2, 2018

Home Again

I am home!!  So what's happened since my last post... 

Oh yes - the baby shower.  I had a wonderful time.  As the theme for the nursery is "jungle", the shower was held at Rainforest Cafe.  The hostesses outdid themselves with the decorations and the restaurant had a very nice group menu.  It was nice to catch up with the families and spend time with DSon.

I was home for a couple of weeks and then off to Atlanta.  I enjoyed the conference and I think my presentation went well.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in downtown.  I have stayed in a lot of hotels, but the atrium of this one was pretty amazing.  Here's a photo looking up from the main floor of the atrium (that selfie feature on my phone was finally useful).

The tower on the left is the elevator center - the elevators are all glass and very fast (my first thought was that I was getting on the glass elevator from "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory").  I will admit to being a bit freaked out when going to the lower lobby the first time as all you can see while going down is the floor and not the hole that allows the elevators to pass through.  The circular thing on the right is a very large sculpture and the echoing circle at the top is a skylight.  All the Lego looking bump-outs are architectural details on each floor.  Based on the "futuristic" look, my guess is that the building was built in the late-60s, but the design has aged well.

Speaking of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - the parents-to-be dressed for Halloween:

In between trips, I did no stitching or crocheting.  I did spend a lot of time on the computer designing the Christmas countdown ornaments and am very happy to report that they are done.

Here are close ups of two of the ornaments:

and here is a full set in its carrier:

The large green one is for Christmas day.  I have two of the song books started and should finish putting the third one together tomorrow.  Then I just have to print the words, add them to the books and off they'll go to their new homes. 

I have several birthday cards and the Christmas cards that I need to finish, so not sure there will be much stitching in the near future.  Once I do start stitching again, I am very happy to report that I will have an extra evening.  I think I mentioned way back in March or April that our telework days had been reduced to one day a week (I had been doing two one week and one on the other).  The union fought the new policy and won, so starting this week, we're going back to our old telework schedules.  It will be nice to have the extra hours of sleep and the extra time in the evening for stitching/crafting.


Robin in Virginia said...

Susan, it sounds like you have been busy. Glad to hear your presentation went well as did the baby shower! Your Countdown to Christmas balls look fabulous. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the change in the telework schedule.

rosey175 said...

So busy! Congrats on surviving the presentation (the hotel atrium looks awesome!); that would be scary to me.

I love how the ornaments turned out, so festive! I think you'll enjoy the extra time for crafting. Hooray for unions!

Aimetu Clare said...

It looks like you had a busy hut fun time. I love the ornaments. Good news on more stitching time too.

Astrids dragon said...

Great costumes, Violet's blueberry is perfect!
Your ornaments look amazing, such fun.
Yay for more time to yourself, to do whatever you're in the mood for!

Leonore Winterer said...

Glad to hear your having a good time! Those ornaments look gorgeous. How did you make them, do you have a tool to cut the glittery foil(?)?

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

What a stunning atrium, great camera angle. Love the Violet Beauregarde costume, how clever!
Also, love those ornies and the Union too. Yay for workers'rights!