Saturday, January 20, 2018


A twofer post today.  I'm a couple days late with my TUSAL but right on time with .

Looks like I'm on another period of unpaid time off until Congress can get its act together.  Here's hoping it doesn't last as long as the 2013 one did.  Fortunately, none of my customers will be impacted until Monday as I don't normally work on Saturday or Sunday.

On a happier note, the guest cats are well settled into the guest room and seem to be enjoying their new found freedom (they had been kept in large cages - they did have vertical space so they were able to jump and move around a bit).  Working on how best, or if, to introduce them to my herd but it's being taken slowly.  I say "if" because I know if I let them out they'll just merge into the group and before we know it we'll be saying we have five cats.  I read an adoption form for a dog that said it had been in the foster home for 7 years!  Ummmmm, after 7 years you really can't say you're fostering it anymore.

I'm a little late on my TUSAL posting.  You've never heard of TUSAL?  Well, it's the easiest SAL you will ever participate in.  All those little snips and bits of thread and what-have-you from your stitching/sewing/knitting/crocheting that you'd normally throw away?  Put them in a container, take a photo and post it every new moon and you're "doing" TUSAL! Hope on over to It's Daffycat to sign up and get the longer version of the directions.

I am using an old Yankee Candle medium jar candle jar for my ORTS.  It's not the prettiest and I don't take the most artistic photos but fortunately this isn't a contest just fun.

This is also the start of .  IHSW is a chance to tell everyone to leave you alone because you're hermitting and stitching with folks from around the world. Don't question it too much, just go with it.  I was all set to start at noon, but got distracted when I sat down at the computer to do this update and ended up finishing my taxes (well to the point of submitting, the IRS won't begin processing until January 29th), and cleaning out my emails and reading a few blogs and, and, and it is now 20 to 2 and here I still am.  I have one load of laundry to throw in the washer and I'm pretty much done with the housework for the weekend, so plenty of time for stitching.  I will be focusing on Goldie.  Here's where it is today:

I would like to finish or at least make good progress on that ear. Back tomorrow night or Monday to update IHSW.


Jannie said...

Both my my husband and I are retired feds. I was involved in that shutdown in 2013. Makes me mad they use the federal employees as pawns. And we never knew if we’d get paid back. And the contractors have to use all their leave and don’t get paid back. Hang in there. What a mess.

Clare - Aimetu said...

Good luck filling this year's jar - great progress on Goldie

Robin in Virginia said...

Goldie is looking good. Hang in there with the shutdown; perhaps you could become a stitching machine. Thank you for the chuckle about the form that said they had been fostering the dog for 7 years.

Leonore Winterer said...

I would say yay for time off, but considering the circumstances, it's more of a 'nay' really :/ Glad to hear your kitties are doing well though, I think they are really enjoying their stay with you. I wonder if those people who 'fostered' a dof for seven years would really be okay giving him away at that point?

I hope you get/got a ton of stitching done this IHSW :)

Sherrie said...

Like your ORT jar. Don't worry it will fill up
pretty fast. Have a great day!

AnaCristina said...

Lovely orts jar Susan! Good weekend!

Daffycat said...

That's a nice pile of ORTs. I hope you are back to work as soon as possible!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I'm not even going to ask how they can do this shutdown. If they want to go on strike that's fine but don't take you lot with them!

Anyway, relax and hermit, you crazy cat lady!